X-Pose-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 Breaking the monotony of standard utilisation of x-rays, the collection advances towards the theme ‘Switch’. The mainstay of the range isemanated from the viewpoint of x-ray outputs of flora and fauna, flightiness and a blend of complementary neon colour is used.( X-pose)     Student Designers: Srishti Khurana, Bhavya Gambhir, Tushar...
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WabiSabi-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 Imperfections are underrated and perfectionism is overrated. Taking inspiration from the imperfections which are frowned upon, WabiSabi is an experimental collection, which takes conventional feminine silhouettes to create streetwear looks for men. Texture play along with various fabric manipulation techniques not only makes it interesting and appealing to watch but can...
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Victorian Era-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019-Best Collection  Taking inspiration from the Victorian era, a collection with exaggerated volume has been put together. The detailing in the form of surface ornamentation has been incorporated in the collection which is inspired by the elements of decorative Victorian art. Student Designers: Alisha Bano, Yasmeen Bano JdInstitute
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The Kneck Wizard- Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 The kneck wizard is mystical fiction of wizardry has inspired the alluring evening wear collection. Spell work of fantasies like snakeskin, domes, pleats, cowls, staircase and shell tucks is the inspiring force behind this collection.The collection is sighted to witness the fancy of sorcery.     Student Designers: Leena...
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Tansya-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019   Tandava and Lasya being the extreme sides of human emotions where Tandavadepicts aggressiveness and masculinity and Lasya is soft and feminine. The intent behind the amalgamation of weaving the expressions and movements of the two dance forms is to convey the need to bring about harmony in society.   Student Designers:Silpa...
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Ritzy Maniacs-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 The Renaissance,also known as ‘rebirth’ of classical values in art, literature and philosophy is juxtaposed with doodle man’s artwork, breeding a new form of art exhibited in the designs. The amalgamated canvas of the two forms is a perfect specimen of inventiveness.   Student Designers:Prachi Sharma, Nidhi Vasisht, Maahi Malhotra,...
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RaasRupantaran-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 Evolution is the fundamental idea of life and it is also inevitable. Inspired by the enchanting Raas Leela of Vrindavan, this group of designers reimagines the evolutionary changes which the spiritual act of Raas Leela must have encountered. Showcasing the contemporary Indian wear pieces and playing around with colour aesthetics and...
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Minimalism-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 The intentional promotion of the things having the most value and removal of anything that distracts from the core idea is the purpose behind the collection. One of the most important and influential art styles of the 1960s, “Minimalism” identifies as a work of art that focuses on the fundamentals instead...
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Life in corals-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 Every segment of the Ocean Memories series is a three-dimensional snapshot of the sea in all its turbulent, restless glory. The concave and convex curves, the waves, different geometrical shapes and its 3d textures are the source of inspiration behind the innovation of the design techniques in the range....
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