Jewellery Design Courses

Jewellery Design Courses

Jewellery Designing Courses

JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the top-notch college for students who want to get into the professionalism with jewellery art and design. We helps students to take their aesthetic and artistic imagination, artistic ability and creativeness over the next level of success.

Get Jewellery Designing courses offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, What skills and creative learnings you must have and need to be a successful jewelry designer. We will also hight some common yet important parameters and factor to get into the jewelry industry for great hike professionalism. We will also let you know what are the high and significant career options after learning jewelry designing from a high-tech fashion institute like JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Jewellery Designing Course Details and Syllabus

JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers two significant courses for students who want to pursue a career in jewelry designing. Let’s talk about the broadly.

  • Diploma in Jewellery Design Course – 6 Months
  • Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design Course – 1 Year

1. Diploma in Jewellery Design Course – 6 Months:

Well, this course is especially recommended for those who are already into the family business related with jewelry and just want to sharpen their skills and knowledge in the same work field in India or even on the International market.

Introduction To Diploma In Jewellery Designing Course:

In the specific programmed course, you will learn skills and creative techniques that will ensure you to be a successful jewelry designer. This diploma in jewelry design is the ideal set of course for those who want to pursue their career into their family business of jewelry. This course will help you to understand and sharpen up your designing skills and techniques to meet the current market of the jewelry industry. This course is perfect for creative minds who are great in imagining new artistic designs in jewelry making.

Jewellery Design Course Details:

The course highlights on:

  • This diploma in jewelry design will allow you to learn and boost your creative ability, and also to master skills.
  • This even also help you to gain knowledge about new market trends in jewelry, with great researched to create unique, beautiful and innovate designs.
  • This course of the module will also let you know the royal and rich heritage of Indian artistry and jewelry to create more masterpieces.
  • It will also allow you to know the historical heritage of other countries with current market trends in jewelry designs.
  • The programme of learning Jewellery designing in this will significantly focus on drawing, mould making, enhancing skills, unique jewelry making techniques respectively.
  • The course even also hook up with process, techniques, and processes in jewelry designing which include raw material used, designing patterns, virtuality meeting reality with other market-related aspects.
  • The course even ensures you to master the basic yet important fundamentals of CAD (Computer Aided Design). CAD basically helps you to learn great hacks and tricks of designing and creating unique, more elegant and magnificent jewelry designs that are remarkable masterpieces of creativeness.
  • During the ending session of this particular jewelry design course you have to submit a significant design portfolio, which will be held by mentors and skilled teachers to analysis on your whole learning outcome.

Learning Outcome After Completing 6 Months Jewellery Design Course

  • In this, you will learn and develop important skills, knowledge and basic understanding to create and develop unique yet fascinating jewelry pieces with your creativeness.
  • You will also learn the current marketing and managing skills to meet the rapid strategies and policies of the jewelry products.
  • Here you will also sharpen your aesthetic skills, learning, and creativeness with ideal knowledge of craftsmanship to use and make beautiful jewelry designs.

2. Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design Course – 1 Year

Diploma in Fine Jewellery is a one-year Jewellery designing course in Bangalore centre only. This course is ideal and significantly created for those who want to explore their family business of jewelry or want to gain success in jewelry designing with current trends followed by people in the jewelry market globally.

Introduction To Fine Jewellery Design Course:

Jewelry is the weapon to us, especially females, that can make them feel gorgeous and more fashionable. The diploma in Fine Jewellery Design is a significant one-year Jewellery designing course in JD Institute of Fashion Technology-Bangalore that give you a purposeful pursed approach to learn about jewelry designing, and current trends as well. In this, you will learn the most technical parameters that will later help you to build a successful career in jewelry designing. Here in the institute with the specific program, you will boost up your knowledge in jewelry designing, jewelry making, with creative combinations of the latest innovations, research, and vast collections. This course will encourage you to deal with the newest jewelry designing market trends on both domestic and international platforms.

Jewellery Design Course Details:

The course highlights on:

  • Creative thinking and process of jewelry design.
  • Research methodology and collecting unique designs.
  • Jewelry illustration and rendering of designs.
  • Metallurgy learnings and gemology studies
  • Design realization.
  • Visual communication and design management
  • Master the fundamental concepts of CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  • Development and submission of individual’s design portfolio.

Learning Outcome After Completing 1 Year Fine Jewellery Design Course

  1. It gives the student an ability to known the complex creative ideas.
  2. It allows students to understand both cultural and historical aspects to know visual designing patterns.
  3. It offers students to research more on the methods and techniques for the respective responses on the projects.
  4. It helps students to get a significant understanding of metal property and purpose of use.
  5. It gives you artistic mastery on all the phases and context of with working process in jewelry designing.
  6. It also allows you to develop and know more about jewelry collections, the newest trends, and current market value respectively.
  7. It gives you a unique yet ideal approach to enter the jewelry industry with aesthetic skills and keen knowledge about the sector.

Career Opportunities in Jewellery Designing Field:

With the rapid increase in vogue and lifestyle sector, the development in the Jewelry industry is also grossing more success and expanding globally. The swift growth of jewelry designing study patterns, more young are now being the part of this top-notch world of luxury. In fact, many creative and skilled people via such courses and learning are now leading Jewellery Designers. The jewelry design courses and study programmes at JD Institute of Fashion and Technology, open the unlock doors of successful opportunities to build a highly achieved career in growing jewelry market.

Apart from bein jewelry designer, you can even brand any vogue or costume brand as a team, or else you can launch your own elegant jewelry boutique. There are however countless options, if you are a creative and able aspirant, then endless professionalism in the jewelry sector is always waiting for you.

Why to Apply for Jewellery Designing Course At JDInstitute:

  • If you are creative, able and flair in designing something new, something unique then go for it.
  • As the batch holds limited seats, so just don’t miss the chance because mentors at JD institute are keen to give attention individually.
  • The team of professionals that will help you to learn great skills and learning of jewelry designing are highly educated, expertise imparting with all current information.
  • If you want to go with successful practical exposure with your virtuality and creativity, then jewelry designing courses also allow you to boost your skills with many workshop experiments with industrial experts in jewelry art.
  • Students will also be given an opportunity to get into JD design awards, showcase practical experiments in front of known jewelry experts and leading brands in same.