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Diploma in Visual Merchandising – 3 Months

Visual Merchandising
Visual Merchandising


The course aims to impart cutting-edge knowledge about the fast growing field of Visual Merchandising. Visual Merchandising is the specific art of displaying fashion merchandise in a manner that appeals to a potential customer. Understanding the sales potential in terms of the right display in showrooms, windows, signboards, interiors and other promotional drives are the tasks of a graduate of the visual merchandising course. And if you have the flair for creative interiors and decorations and believe in the power of visual communication, then this is the course that will open many doors to competitive opportunities for you.

Course Overview

  • The student will learn the technical art and science of visual merchandising and visual display.
  • The program will also focus on consumer behavior and how one can maximize profitability through visual display by creating a one of a kind buying experience for customers.
  • The course aims to impart cutting-edge knowledge about the fast growing field of Visual Merchandising.
  • The learner will understand the sales potential in terms of the right display on shop windows, signboards, interiors and other promotional drives.
  • The program emphasises on practical workshops, inputs from industry stalwarts and an open and free thinking environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • The student will learn the layout of retail space, space assignment, product grouping, colour, lighting, window display and elements of visual communication, including presentation method.
  • The learner will be able to analyse the current trend in the industry.
  • They will learn the technique and art of mannequin handling and styling.
  • The program will enable them to understand the process of merchandise selection.


At a time when the retail sector is booming and bursting, employment in the field of visual merchandising is growing faster than the average. There are a variety of job opportunities available for the eligible students who can either be employed in retail stores, to ensure that the image and aesthetics of the brand is projected at all times or they can also work as a freelancer on contract basis for visual display in fairs, exhibitions, art galleries and even hotels. To start off, they can work with an established visual merchandiser as an apprentice to learn the tricks of the business. During festive season they can work with the stores and brands to create attractive window displays. One can also work as a shop floor manager.


Window dressing is perhaps the most neglected aspect of the marketing and promotional mix. Like any other aspect of marketing. It has its own intricacies and inanities, successes and failures, and its own powers and limitations. It is not setting up fancy props, playing with exotic colours, flashing about fancy lights. As it can be dangerous when used in an inappropriate manner. It should be practiced by trained professionals. Sensing its importance. JD was the first institute in Asia to start a course in Window Dressing, which teaches you the art to convert creativity into profitability.

Syllabus - Visual Merchandising
Role & importance of Visual Merchandising in today’s competitive world. Visual Merchandising as a marketing strategy. The art of pre – selling a product.
Role & importance of Visual Merchandising in today’s competitive world. Visual Merchandising as a marketing strategy and window.
Analysis of target audience. Segmentation of market, Analysis of buying motives & brand preferences. Understanding Marketing & Sales Management.
Windows designs, showroom, boutique display. colour theory, harmony & application. Music and its power. Uses & application of mannequins. Construction.
Various types of props. Plants palms, petunia plants, fems, etc. Sylvan props twigs, vines, frames, fence etc., Paper & paper product tissue paper, typing paper, sculpted paper, boxes etc furniture & fabrics, Miscellaneous paraphernalia.
weaves, stripes, checks plaids, geometric, dots floral figures, fantasies & other patterns, importance of Backdrop presentation.
Selection of music. Advantages & disadvantages of using music, understanding lighting patterns. Role of lighting in visual merchandising, Colours and types of lightings.
Latest equipments & systems. Use & Selection of various mediums. Audio visual presentation. Usage of scientific technology in Visual Display.
Approaching clients. Developing display techniques according to client requirements. Handling client objections. Developing ideas for client presentation.
Motive & Marketing consideration for every merchandise display. Estimation & finalizations of the contract. Assignments& Evaluation. Planning & inventory control system.
Development of Creative ,Strategies of a Visual Merchandise
Development of creative designs. Innovation in Visual Merchandising.
Skills, techniques & strategies of presentation.
A successful Window Designer could earn as high as Rs. 20,000/- per windows.

Recommended for
Anyone connected to the fashion industry. Fashion Designers, amateur designers or even beginners. Basically for anyone with a flair for creative interiors and decoration and with an ambition to reach for the skies. Our Window can sell, only if you know how!

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