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Undergraduate Diploma in Interior Design – 3 Years

Course Overview

The program is for someone who has an eye for detail, and wants to learn the finer aspects of interior design. Interior designing is a fast growing professional field with the real estate and construction industry playing a vital role in its growth. Interior Design is a very expressive art and requires designers to be constantly on their feet with ideas and creative inputs. The program in Interior Designing from JD Institute is focused on creative planning and skilled design of interior spaces.

Course Overview

  • The interdisciplinary module focuses on methodological and technical approach.
  • Equips the learner with an understanding of various interior styles.
  • Helps the student to understand furnishings and materials and also helps them to get acquainted with the art and science of creating harmony with colours, textures and patterns.
  • The 3-year program helps students gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of interior design via the study of various elements of architecture, material sourcing, lighting and decorations, soft furnishings, lifestyle and cultural preferences etc.
  • The learners will understand the constantly evolving landscape of interior design by keeping in mind the varying tastes and preferences of different demographics and cultures.
  • The program provides students with a platform to fully develop their latent creative skills and express their view.
  • The students are encouraged to develop creative, artistic, individual and imaginative approach towards interior design.
  • Regular industry interaction with experts and opportunity to participate in exhibitions and workshops helps in acquiring in-depth knowledge of the field.
  • Students will develop projects as a part of their final submission.

Learning Outcomes

  • The students will be able to conceptualise and design interiors for home, retails, hotels, offices, museums, and public spaces, including entertainment spaces. The student can find gainful employment in diverse industries while serving as interior designers, event designers/consultants, freelance designers , space planners, visualiser, set designer, and interior decorator.
  • The learner will understand the synergy created between an individual and his/her living space.They will be able to create functional concepts that will enhance the visual appeal and the comfort of the space.


A bachelor programme will help you gain an insight and expertise in the field of interior design. You could be employed by architectural firms, hotels, builders, town planning bureaus, private consultancies, hospitals, government Public Works Department, museums, studios, theaters, and stores. One can also work as a freelance design consultant, residential interior designer, exhibition designer, just to name a few.


Syllabus - Interior Design
001 Introduction / Significance
002 Importance of Furniture Design for Interiors
003 Ancient Age / Middle Age / Contemporary
004 Research Project

001 Free Hand Drawing Lines, Curves, Waves
002 Compositions in pencil,Colours and pasting
003 3D compostion: Isometric and Axonometric
004 Still life
005 Furniture Sketching
006 Oject Drawing with color rendering
007 Interior elements, Lighting, plants etc

a. Colour wheel
b. Rendering in ink
c. Interior Finishes (B/W and colour)
d. Dotting
e. illusions
f. Interior rendering and stubbing
g. Stained Glass

001 Lettering
002 Use of Scale
003 Solid Geometry
004 Introduction for sciography
005 Perspective, Axonometric Isometric drawing

a. Lifts and escalators
b. Acoustics and their application in interiors, water proofing, fire – safety

001 Introduction to concept of ID
002 Planning of Interior Space and circulation
003 Residential project (Each Room to be dealt with individually, in detail and accordance
with the specific requirements.
004 Principles of Hotel interiors (Each project to have preliminary study report,
Concept stage, Final design and write-up with model.
001 Interior Design as a Visual Art
002 Elements of Design
003 colours, Accessories and their significance
004 Project Analysis and Design Development
005 Design source
006 Interior space and flow chart, A good design
Building Components, Basic idea of Construction, Foundation and superstructure. Doors, Windows, Staircase R.C.C., Timber

a. False Ceiling, Partitions, Wall Panelling, Comics, Mosaic, Cladding
b. Flooring and Wall Cladding

001 Responsibility towards society and need of an Interior Designer to better the environment
002 Ethics and Code of Conduct
003 Responsibility towards client, contractor and supplier.
004 Estimation. Professional Fees
005 Work of an Interior Designer
006 Making of portfolio, JD Annual Design Awards
001 The Client Practice, Procedure of execution
002 P.E.R.T/ C.P.M. Arbitration
003 Final Project Practical Training
It is mandatory to complete the final design project which comprises of illustration, research, photo shoot and final show- a separate amount shall be paid for the
Perfecting you in the art of developing you ideas and creating ambience with convenience and comfort with the use of available resources and offering value utility service to create home, office and work place presenting one’s own status presentation.

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