Post Graduate Diploma Courses

Post Graduate Diploma Courses

PG Diploma Courses At JD Institute of Fashion Technology

The fashion industry is growing and how. A few years ago having a career in fashion was perhaps not encouraged but today it is seen as one of the most challenging yet lucrative professions around. Creative minds with an eye for detail will probably find this career highly satisfying. A number of individuals today are opting for careers that are not rooted in science and technology and prefer an artistic approach instead.

Objective of PG Diploma Courses

Post graduate diplomas programs are perfect for those looking to enhance their knowledge of a particular subject while gaining a stronger foothold in the industry. While many opt for post graduate degrees there are also those who would prefer obtaining a postgraduate diploma instead. Procuring a diploma is quicker but may or may not have the same value as a degree. There are many institutions in the country that offer postgraduate diploma certification in subjects such as fashion design and interior design.

Eligibility for Postgraduate (PG) Diploma Courses

The eligibility criteria for pursuing a postgraduate diploma course may vary from one institution to another. But the most common criteria is that the applicant should have successfully completed his/her undergraduate course from a recognised educational institution. Additional information regarding this can be procured during the time of admission.

PG Diploma Courses Offered At JD Institute of Fashion Technology

There are a number of institutions across the country that claim to offer the best courses for aspiring students but not every institution lives up to the claim. JD Institute of Fashion Technology has emerged as one of the leaders in the educational space today. This reputed institute offers courses on art and fashion and boasts of having world class facilities and industry leaders as instructors and mentors. JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers not just undergraduate diplomas and diploma certification but also post graduate diploma courses for all those seeking to enhance their knowledge and experience.

The courses offered are as follows:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Fashion Design and Management

A two year course designed for those interested in being design and production managers, quality control managers, and merchandisers, this diploma offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that blends interactive seminars, classroom lectures, and business reports.

  • Students will learn about design process, management practices, design and fabric processes, illustration, fashion thinking, trend analysis, brand identity and management, among other topics.
  • Additionally, all students will also be exposed to lectures from industry experts, study tours and other collaborations to further hone their skills and knowledge.
  • Some of the topics included in the syllabus are pattern drafting, textile appreciation, textile science, visual merchandising, fashion merchandising, fashion illustration, vendor management, brand management, fashion law, fashion media and fashion psychology.

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Interior and Spatial Design

Aimed at providing interior design aspirants with basic to intermediate training, this is a rigorous program on par with industry standards.

  • Students will learn through numerous methodological tools the ways to approach and understand a project.
  • Through this course aspirants will develop their designing and conceptualising skills and work on a number of collaborative projects that will test their creative as well as designing skills.

Projects such as working on installations, sensory environment, interiors and furniture design will be a significant part of this course. Some of the subjects that will be taught as part of their curriculum are AutoCAD, space design, material survey and services, design process and applications, foundation art, product design and space design. Students will also have the option to choose from three electives in their last semester and will have to compulsorily do an industry internship.

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Fashion Communication

A unique course that blends fashion as well as journalism, this course will focus on developing the process of selling lifestyle and fashion products in a seamless and efficient manner.

  • Students will learn how to promote their brand story through creative content writing along with basic development of their technical, theoretical, artistic and reflective skills.
  • Some of the subjects that students will learn during this two year course include history of fashion, graphic design, psychology of fashion, design thinking, visual merchandising, fashion photography, fashion forecasting, makeup and hairstyle, consumer behaviour, fashion journalism, packaging design and fashion styling.

Based on their interest and career choices, students can opt for any of the courses above as they are guaranteed to enhance their skill set and groom them to succeed in the cutthroat world of fashion.

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Fashion Designing

A two year course for aspiring fashion designers, this course is tailored to inculcate in students an understanding of the world of fashion with importance being given to design aesthetics and sensibilities.

  • Aspirants will understand how to meet the demands of an ever changing and ever growing fashion industry while enhancing their understanding of design.
  • Students are also encouraged to develop and use lateral thinking methods and understand consumer attitudes.
  • As part of their curriculum students are taught fashion representation, basics of graphic design, fashion psychology, textile studies, CAD/CAM, design drawing, fashion forecasting, stylisation, PMT, photography, merchandising, advance draping, art appreciation, garment manufacturing, quality control, and visual merchandising, among other topics.

Post Graduate Diploma Course in Interior Designing

Aimed at students interested in working for the design industry, this two year course is quite comprehensive and includes market study, industry interaction, and guest lectures along with classroom lectures. Students interested in contemporary as well as traditional use of decor and colors to liven up an interior space will find this to be the perfect course for them.

  • Creative collaborations and interdisciplinary projects are highly encouraged as methods of learning.
  • As part of this course, students will learn about topics such as basics of design, furniture design and joinery, furnishing, autocad, exterior and landscape lighting, sustainable interiors, interior photography, material and processes, retail design, design management, adaptive space for the physically challenged and art appreciation.
  • Students will also compulsorily have to complete a 6 month industrial internship during their last semester.