JD Institute of Fashion Technology - Collaborations

JD Institute of Fashion Technology – Collaborations

We believe that successful design education involves sharing information and coordinating resources among the key players, including:

  • The industry
  • Designer labels and brands
  • Artists
  • Museums and art galleries

Since its beginning in 1988, the institute has offered a variety of Art and Design programs, events, teaching and resource materials to help students from all educational backgrounds to become “cultural communicators” through design concepts.  Most of our project takes into consideration the heritage of the country and the global community. Our vision is to build global awareness of an emerging design sensibility where every material is ethically sourced.

JD Educational trust boasts of a strategic partnership with KOEFIA, one of the world’s premier Haute Couture institutes based in Rome.

As one of the top fashion design institute, it also shares a strategic partnership with Milan fashion Campus, a leading institute for fashion styling in Milan.

JD Institute has associated with the National Design Institute in Moscow where we cooperate on academic programs and conduct joint research projects.

The institute has also made its contribution felt in the international art and design sphere. We took part in an event titled “The market gets a new look” which was held at the vintage Medtrono Market in Rome, Italy. The unique art exhibition aims to regenerate, enrich and revive the valuable architectural evidence of the old structure, to include it into the suburban fabric of the gorgeous city. An initiative by the Association “Arte Altra e Carteinregola” and with the support of the VII Council of Rome, AGS Mercato Metronio, and with the artistic contribution of JD Institute of Fashion Technology and the JD International Design School, Bangalore, the permanent exhibition creates a culturally significant and strong artistic platform to showcase the works of artists of different nationalities and genres. The one of a kind project offered a valuable and a prestigious international stage for the students of fashion design courses, interior design courses and jewellery design course of JD Education Trust to present their years of hard work and academic excellence in the form of art and design – high on creativity, innovation, and imagination.

In 2015 together with SUBLIME galleria, one of India’s premier art galleries, students of JD Educational trust created an art installation where they expressed their design ideas by depicting the history and presented one of the most iconic symbols of India, the rickshaw puller titled, ‘The Time Wrap’.  The installation was a reflection and an extension of the rickshaw pullers, portraying a contemporary interpretation of the modern human who is unable to experience a time lost in the maddening rush of a mechanical society.

In keeping with the Government of India’s initiative, ‘Make in India’, the institute has conceptualized its 2016 annual show with an aim to focus on narrating the untold stories of our artisans and craftsmen, thus celebrating the rich heritage of our textile and clothing history. Our students who are perusing fashion designing courses have collaborated with various artisans, craftsmen, and weavers, some almost on the verge of extinction, to create ready to wear collections that intend to cater to the local as well as the global fashion market. Through this event, we have tried to bring positive changes in the lives of many of our unknown artisans and craftsmen and will also help in promoting the initiative of ‘Make in India’.


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