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Diploma in Fashion Photography : 3 Months


If you love photography and want to pursue a promising  career in fashion and glamour photography, this course is tailor-made for you. It is meticulously designed for fashion professionals, amateurs and even beginners.

Course Overview

  • To harvest a student’s latent photographic skills and give them a 360-degree advantage.
  • The basics of photography are followed by advanced skills, and practical tips.
  • Interactions with industry stalwarts .
  • An assignment-centric approach that helps students weed out errors in their technique.
  • The program covers the entire gamut of photography ranging from profile, product and event to fashion photography.
  • Opportunities to attend workshops in association with stylists, hair & makeup artists, art directors, models, designers and light co-ordinators.
  • At the end of the program, the students will present a portfolio book that demonstrate their individual style and visualisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand techniques and realise the importance of creating the right look and desired mood for a photo shoot.
  • The programs instils a deep understanding of working on various projects including ad campaigns, catalogues, lookbooks, photo editorials, and window display.


The Creative angle of yours, can bring laurels for every skillful handling of objects through lenses. Practical guidelines for covering Glamour.Training along with photography skills will develop the quality of ace photographer in you.

Syllabus - Fashion Photography
Principles of Photography, Photography as an Art and a Science. Types of Photography. Components Involved in Photography. light and light sensitive materials. Types of Film – sensitivity and Formats.
History of Costume. Clothing, culture and Communication, What is Fashion Photography? Its objectives and importance, Techniques of recording Fashion.
Essential Parts of a Camera. Lenses of different focal lengths – Merits and demerits Various accessories and uses. Composition and general principles. Filters different types and uses.
Quality, temperature, effects of different light sources and their effects in Photography.
Depth of field.
Handling different types of cameras and taking pictures. Practicals in taking pictures in day light.
Equipments used in developing films and getting enlargements printed.
Visible Colour Spectrum, Colours – Primary, Secondary and Complementary, Colours in photography.
Importance of certain parts of the body in recording fashion, concept of Body Language, Fashion – Glamour, Feelings and Emotions.
Theory and practical. Measuring Light using a Flash Meter Effects Theory & Practical. Measuring Light using a Flash Meter.
Make - up
Corrective and Glamorous. Its importance and application with specific objectives. Theory + Practical
Lighting for different types of photography. Theory + Practical on a Dummy / Model. importance of Background in a studio.
Recording Fashion, Effective ways of taking pictures of textures and Textile materials. Presenting the best in pictures of ornaments / table tops of different types. Still life photography.
Critical Study of the Photographs taken during Studio Photography Analysis, advantages, disadvantages, Objective achievements, Success points, Failure Points.
Hints to the fashion photographer by Successful photographers. Discussion on techniques.
Display of the work of the renowned Fashion photographers. Discussion on techniques, success and failures.
Scope and Prospects: Markets, trends and opportunities available to a fashion photographer.

Note: Students should have access to a SLR camera. All materials for shooting will be organized by the students 75% of the course will involve practical training, and hence will be highly job oriented

Recommended for :

Anyone in love for photography and fashion industry, Fashion Professionals, Amateurs of even beginners.

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