Diploma in Fashion and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

The Diploma in Fashion and lifestyle Entrepreneurship Course in JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore are for those aspirants who have the willingness, capacity and someone with a leader quality to run a business.

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The Diploma in Fashion and lifestyle Entrepreneurship Course in JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore are for those aspirants who have the willingness, capacity and someone with a leader quality to run a business. The Fashion Industry that includes textiles and apparels, by its very nature, is fraught with uncertainty, right from understanding the market “needs” and trends, to finalizing the value and product concept, to producing the appropriate design, to communicate it to the target group(s), to the creation of a value chain, to getting it where the customer “shop” and above all to remain relevant and profitable. Creation and subsequent growth of an enterprise centred on this industry, therefore, requires not only assimilation of the pertinent knowledge at various levels but also a continuous mentorship support and guidance to stand-out among the clutter.

Understanding the enterprise creation basics general and pertaining to the fashion industry, therefore, assumes great significance at the very outset. This would enable aspiring fashion preneurs and early-stage entrepreneurs in Interiors, Make up & Hair, photography to get an insight into the nuances relevant to the creation and sustenance of enterprises in this rather uncertain industry.

If you are passionate to “be your own boss” and create your own loved enterprise, or desire to take your existing venture to the next level, you need to have a solid grounding in business management principles and in enterprise building strategies. This program is devised by a team of practitioners and academicians with over 100 man-years of varied experience and coming from premier management institutes like IIM, IIT, NIFD and IRMA. You will get access to a bouquet of interdisciplinary expertise and experience that will unlock your entrepreneurial potential in your chosen domains. The philosophy of Entrepreneurship courses in Bangalore is built on three pillars- Educate, Engage and Evolve.

Addressing the need for the fashion entrepreneur who can identify market opportunities in the industry, this program is firmly aligned to the 21st century, global business with all the challenges and the potential it brings. The focus will be on entrepreneurial thinking, sustainable fashion and strategies to build a global brand.

This is a collaborative project between JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore and KEMI (Kautilya Entrepreneurship and Management Institute, Jain University – Bengaluru). After the completion, the student will be awarded a Collaborative Diploma certificate.

Course Overview
Career Opportunities
Reasons to Apply
  • The diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship connects you to your entrepreneurial ambitions
  • The Fashion Entrepreneur course helps you to Identify business opportunities, developing creative outcomes and building a viable business model and business plan
  • The Fashion Entrepreneurship Course Identify and understand the driving forces of new venture success
  • The Unlocking growth potential of your start-up businesses by focusing on addressing multidimensional scaling up issues
  • A substantial focus on learning through experience and learning by reflection
  • The Entrepreneurship education helps you to Pitch in front of investors, to understand what they look for while funding business opportunities
  • Specific mentor and investor connect sessions coupled with visits to working enterprises and incubation centers such as the Tirupur garment and other units around Bangalore

The Short-Term Fashion Design entrepreneurship program helps you to nurture the entrepreneurial skills, makes you understand the possibilities or development and scope of executing your idea. The program helps Fashion designers, Interior Designers, photographers, makeup and Hairstyle and other individuals who are interested in lifestyle concepts and ideas to start their own venture. The program teaches you all the nuances required to run your own fashion line. It’s an educating program for those start-up entrepreneurs who need a better grasp on the “do’s and don’ts” in a Fashion business.

  • SIDBI-StartupIndia/Stand up India schemes assistance
  • SBI Incube: Startup registration formalities and advise on legal, taxation and accounting
  • MSME Development Institute: Identification of Project Profiles, Techno-economic and Managerial Consultancy Services, Market survey and economic survey reports
  • Visvesvaraya Trade Promotion Centre (VTPC): Marketing & Export Assistance
  • Negotiations with Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Sourcing Retail Channels
  • Handicrafts and Handlooms: Cluster Development Project


The entrepreneurship course objective in JD Institute is classified into five sub-classifications- (a) entrepreneur related, (b) enterprise and business related, (c) business plan creation, (d) entrepreneur/ mentor/ investor connect, and (e) incubation support. The details of each sub-classification are provided below.

Entrepreneur Related
Enterprise/ Business Related
Business Plan Creation
Entrepreneur/ Mentor/ Investor Connect
  • Entrepreneurial motivations
  • Entrepreneurial traits & competencies
  • Understanding self
  • Visioning for a 5-year time horizon
  • Partnership seeking and selection

  • Laying down the business canvas essentials
  • Idea to opportunity exercises
  • Design thinking module
  • Analysis of the fashion-related business environment
  • Gathering marketing information through market research
  • Identifying profitable customer segment(s)
  • Creating value proposition for the customer segment(s)
  • Defining market relationships and service parameters
  • Communication value proposition to the target segment(s)
  • Establishing quality-price relationships
  • Selecting and managing people resources in the enterprise
  • Laying down operation management issues and resources
  • Identifying financial resources
  • Identifying supply chain and channel resources
  • Laying down cost structures
  • Identifying revenue streams

  • Steps in Business Plan creation
  • Writing the Business Plan
  • Business storytelling
  • Pitching (selected) in front of investors

  • Visit to live enterprises
  • Entrepreneur/ mentor/ investor interactions (SIDBI/NSRCEL, SBI Incube, MSME Institute)
  • Visit toJain University Incubation Center

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