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Fashion and Interior Design Degree Courses

Among the best fashion and apparel design institutes in India, JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers full-time degree courses in Fashion and Apparel Design, and Interior Design and Decoration. Both these courses are a 3 years program and the Fashion and Apparel Design course is affiliated to the Bangalore University.

  • Be inspired, develop your unique design and improve our skills for a degree course in fashion, apparel, interior design and decoration.
  • JD Institute of Fashion Design offers a market-driven approach with an emphasis on entrepreneurial fashion and design industries.

Fashion Designing Degree Courses

Here you’ll find the freedom to develop your fashion and design philosophy by tackling real-world trends and market-oriented approach programs.

B.Sc in Fashion and Apparel Design – Bangalore Central University

The three-year course is an undergraduate degree Fashion and Apparel Designing course affiliated to the Bangalore University. The apparel fashion industry is growing at a fast pace and is creating employment opportunities for thousands of people every year. This course has been designed to provide people with the skills needed to have a successful career in the fashion and apparel design industry. The course focuses on fabric analysis, pattern making and garment construction as well as fashion illustration to understanding the principles of design.

B.Sc in Fashion and Apparel Design Course Syllabus

The 3-year B.Sc in Fashion and Apparel Design is divided into six semesters where you are trained with exposure to the fashion industry and preparing you to deal with the market-oriented garments and apparels.

Learning Outcomes After Completing B.Sc in Fashion and Apparel Design Course

The course prepares you to tackle the fashion industry with an entrepreneurial approach without compromising your creativity to design new trends. The course is designed to help you understand and deliver the right product from concept to the end product.

Career Opportunities in Fashion and Apparel Design Industry

Once you successfully complete the degree course, you can explore opportunities in industries such as a Designer, Fabric Specialist, an Assistant Designer, Production Assistant, Costume Designer for film and theatre, Bridal Designer, Pattern Maker, Visual Merchandiser, CAD designer, Retail Merchandiser among others. You can also become an entrepreneur and start your own business venture in the field of fashion and apparel design.

B.Sc in Interior Design and Decoration – 3 Years

The 3-year B.Sc in Interior Design and Decoration course is an in-depth study of interior designing and decoration of a space. From the interior design of a house or office or retail shops, interior designing plays an essential role in showcasing a product, be it a dining hall of a home, or an office pantry or even a retail showroom. The course basically strives to enable to sharpen your skills and understand the dynamics of a space and how it can look fashionable yet practical.

The course helps you to widen your perceptions of interior space enabling you to create visual compositions using the right objects which are practical and visually appealing. During the course, you’re encouraged to work with established interior designers to learn the market trends and understand the business aspects of the industry.

B.Sc in Interior Design and Decoration Syllabus

The course is designed to help you to understand the finer aspects of interior design and development. Learning about colour & lighting, applied arts on textiles, exposure to CAD, furniture and their importance of interior design, floriculture and landscaping, living spaces such as kitchen designing, housekeeping and front office management, etc.

Learning Outcomes After Completing B.Sc in Interior Design and Decoration Course

The Interior Design and Decoration degree course offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology will have the ability to take the product from a concept to the final product for homes, hotels, retail spaces, public spaces, museums, hospitals, etc.

Career Opportunities in Interior Design and Decoration Industry

On completion of the degree course in interior design and decoration, you’ll have the opportunity to work under an established Interior Designer as an Assistant Interior Designer or work for big interior designing companies.