Make Up Artistry Courses

Make Up Artistry Courses

Makeup Courses

To be a professional makeup artist is both exciting and extensive profession thanks to the different work opportunities offered in the market. Are you talented and have the urge to become a professional makeup artist? Makeup artist courses offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology are tailor-made programs to start your career as a professional makeup artist.

At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, you will learn and develop the professional qualities of a successful Makeup Artist to work in any segments such as beauty, television, fashion, theatre, film to the entertainment industries.


Below are the two make up artist courses offered by our Institute:

Diploma Course in Makeup Artistry – 1 Month

The 1-month Diploma in Makeup Artistry course is a one month program for aspirants who are interested and passionate to have a career in Makeup and Hair Industry. The course has a rigorous syllabus where you will be trained with the skills and knowledge required to work in salons, spas and major makeup companies in the country. You will learn techniques to work in a wide variety of segments as well as marketing skills to be successful in the makeup artistry career.

Diploma in Makeup Artist Course Syllabus

The 1-month Diploma program has 16 sessions of 3 hours each which enables you to learn new techniques, skills and knowledge about the business of a makeup artist. The Diploma in Makeup Artistry syllabus includes practical sessions which will equip you with the best of skills. Below is the syllabus of the makeup course:

  • Introduction to makeup and industry
  • Practical session – what is a pre-base?
  • Practical session. how to cover up skin variation?
  • Study of facial shapes
  • Eye make up
  • A recap and practice session
  • A demonstration on day makeup
  • A demonstration of office/meeting/newsreader makeup
  • A demonstration and practice of television and stage makeup
  • A Demonstration on H D Makeup(Airbrush Makeup)
  • A Demonstration and Practice on Bridal Make up
  • A Demonstration on High fashion Makeup
  • Photoshoot on 4 different looks



Learning Outcomes After Completing Diploma in Makeup Artist Course

The Makeup Artistry course is designed for beginners or amateurs and enable them to become a qualified professional artist. You’ll learn the importance of choosing the right colours and makeup products. From imparting knowledge to advising clients about their skin and product choices. Also, you’ll be collaborating with the Photography Course department to understand the relationship between the camera and makeup.

Career Opportunities in Makeup Artistry Industry

The need for Makeup Artist across the country as well as across the globe is a rapid rise due to the booming makeup industry. From being a sole-entrepreneur such as beauty salons or working with some of the best salons in India, the choices are excellent in the market.

Diploma Course in Hair Styling – 1 Month

The 1-month course prepares you to be a vibrant and productive professional in the beauty trade. The program is designed which covers all aspects of the trade to keep you updated with requirements for a modern hairstylist. Hairstyling plays an important role in the fashion industry as well as personal care. The Diploma in Hair Styling offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology will enable you with both fundamental and skills required in the current market.

Learning Outcomes After Completing Diploma Course in Hair Styling

The Diploma course is planned to enable an aspiring hair stylist to work as a freelancer, open a beauty salon, style fashion models for editorial shoots and fashion weeks or even work with an image consultant.


Diploma in Hair Styling Course Syllabus

The Diploma in Makeup Artistry course includes demonstrations to learning about the current trends in the market and how they are identified. The course will enable with techniques and skills to work as a professional hair stylist. Below is the syllabus of the Diploma in Makeup Artistry:

  • Introduction to hair styling and industry.
  • Practical session.
  • Study of facial shapes.
  • A recap and practice session.
  • A demonstration of office/meeting/newsreader hair styling.
  • A demonstration and practice of television and stage hair styling.



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