Undergraduate Diploma Courses

Undergraduate Diploma Courses

UG Diploma Courses At JD Institute

Once upon a time creative fields such as art and design were shunned as serious career options but today the tables have turned. Becoming an interior designer, artist, musician or a fashion designer is highly sought after and is also respected. But what is more important is also studying these subjects at the right educational institutions.

Objective of Undergraduate Diploma Courses

Students have the option of pursuing an undergraduate degree course or an undergraduate diploma course. Obtaining a diploma is quicker but may or may not have the same value as an undergraduate degree. However diplomas are great for providing in-depth technical knowledge about the chosen subject and can greatly enhance one’s resume. There are a number of institutions in the country that provide undergraduate diploma certification in subjects such as design and artistry.

Eligibility for Undergraduate (UG) Diploma Courses

The eligibility criteria for pursuing an undergraduate diploma course is quite simple. The applicant should have successfully completed his/her 12th grade (Arts, Science, Commerce) from a recognised educational institution. Further information regarding this can be sought during the time of admission for the said course.

Undergraduate Diploma Courses offered at JD Institute of Fashion Technology

A renowned educational institution, JD Institute of Fashion Technology is an establishment that provides courses that cater to those interested in art and fashion. This educational institution has ove 36 centres in the country and provides training on a number of topics such as Jewellery Design, Photography, Fashion Design, Hair and Makeup, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Marketing and Communication among others. Practical experience and exposure is given its due importance.

There are two major undergraduate diploma courses offered by JD Institute and these are:

  • Undergraduate Diploma in Interior Design
  • Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion and Apparel Design

Both of the above subjects are highly sought after and provide wonderful career prospects both in India as well as abroad.

Undergraduate Diploma Course in Interior Designing

Building a house today is more than just the foundation and structure. A house becomes a home only when the interior is completely furnished. Right from the colour scheme of the house to the furniture to the curtains, interior decor is an integral part of any home. With the rise of real estate and construction businesses all across the world, interior decor for homes and offices are also in high demand, making this a very lucrative profession.

Are you interested in colour schemes, patterns, design aesthetics and have a good eye for detail? Then this could be the perfect profession for you.

  • This course comprises of an interdisciplinary module that places emphasis on technical as well as a methodological approach to studying and understanding the aesthetics of design.
  • Students will learn about the ever evolving world of design and understand contemporary as well as old school approaches to design philosophy.

The development of artistic, imaginative and creative approach is highly encouraged and students will also have the opportunity to interact with experts from the industry at various events and exhibitions. Some of the topics that will be taught include graphic representation, orthographic projection, history of interior design, elements of design, and basic construction techniques.

Undergraduate Diploma Course in Fashion and Apparel Design

One of the most popular courses offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, this three year diploma seeks to hone an individual’s sense of fashion and styling while preparing them to enter the cut throat world of fashion and apparel design. Fashion designing, contrary to popular belief is not just about designing clothes, there is much more to the entire process. Right from selecting fabrics to the texture, deciding the silhouette, putting it on paper, executing it and to selling it, fashion and apparel design is far from an easy and glamorous profession. However, for those who have the passion and flair for the same, it is highly satisfactory.

  • This diploma is based on the European Credit Transfer System and has EQAC Accredited syllabus which is on par with some of the best fashion schools in the world today.
  • Students must also compulsorily complete a three month internship as part of this course.
  • This diploma is divided into 9 semesters and students will study topics such as Design thinking, fashion illustration, elements of textiles, basics of draping, art and costume studies, construction techniques, and pattern drafting among others.
  • This diploma will also include CAD training.

Based on their interest and aptitude, students can opt for any of the above undergraduate diploma courses in order to hone their skills and ensure their success in the world of design.