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Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion & Apparel Design (3 years)

Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion & Apparel Design


If you wish to learn the business of fashion, from designing to marketing and selling, the program will equip you with all the tools to be successful in the industry.

A comprehensive 3-year undergraduate program that helps students understands the fundamentals thus guiding them to lucrative, exciting yet challenging field of Fashion and Apparel Design. The other disciplines covered under the program are Business Management, Marketing, Merchandising, Textile Science and an introduction to the latest Technologies advancing in this field.

The Fashion Design course is a 3-year academic program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The curriculum is based on a practical approach that includes Fashion Shows, advanced study of sketching and designs (to inculcate in the student the habit of putting their creativity on paper), Seminars and regular interactions with prominent personalities from the Fashion Industry. The course is designed as an inverted funnel: a widening scope that starts with the basics and ends with a broad outlook of the massive career opportunities available within this very lucrative industry.

Course Overview

  • The program places emphasis on practical industry oriented training.
  • Trains the future fashion leaders to design fashion collections
  • An intensive course that is driven by a systematic technical approach, research, creativity, imagination and marketing
  • Stresses on the detailed knowledge of the subject, from concept to consumer, including fabric analysis, and productions as gained from research and thematic work
  • The course relies on tracking the evolving trends, norms, cultural dynamics and innovations of the Indian and international Fashion industry.
  • The students will get an opportunity to showcase their collection on the runway


For Project
a.Internal Assessment 40 marks
b.Term End University Practical examination 60 marks
(One Exam for all the Core practical subjects)
c. Internal Assessment marks obtained by a candidate cannot be changed or improved upon unless he/she registers for the same semester again.
d. A candidate can register for improvement examination in his/her Term end University Examination for any subject, either theory or practical, of his/­her earlier semesters. The better performance of hasher attempt will be taken into consideration.
Theory examinations
a. The pattern of question paper for all university theory examinations will consists of three parts
Part I This will be long questions for 20 marks
Part II This will be short questions for 20 marks
Part III This will objective questions for 20 marks
The total will be for 60 marks
This examination will include questions on all the Core practical subjects of that Academic year The question paper will be set by the University and sent to the Examination centers. The University will appoint its External and Internal Examiners for conducting practical.
Internship: The student gains on the job practical experience in apparel manufacturing. It is compulsory for the students to work in any Research and development Organization or any export house for a period of 8 weeks. Students are required to submit a report of the work done.
Students are required to present their collection each year at the JD Annual Design Awards with the knowledge acquired during the curriculum. The students get a chance to exhibit their creativity in the fashion show displayed by professional models wanking the ramp.
A candidate is permitted to repeat a year if he/she has shortage of attendance in that year after the permission of the head of research center. Lateral exit scheme and award of certificates, diplomas and degrees. For 3 Years. In Fashion Design and Apparel Technology / Interior Design, the student should take bridge courses if he or she requires a lateral admission in to the second year 3 Years in Fashion and Apparel Design / interior Design along with the second year curriculum.
The institution organizes short visits to the industry for the related subjects, which helps the students to understand the working of the industry. The institute also organizes the study tours to help the students understand the inspiration of their designs, based on the working through sketches and drawings.
In this internship program the students are required to work in a professional environment. They are required to work in an export house or a research and development organization for a period of 8 weeks as per their specialization and produce a report on work done.
Include in-house and freelance Fashion Designers, Merchandisers, CAD, Visual merchandising, fashion coordinators, fashion buying and retail garment technology.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I would like to do this course.its really Amazing course after being the part of this institute i will become more than something what i think about my future.

  2. 4 out of 5


    good curriculum for 3 years
    but looking for CORRESPONDENCE, kindly confirm

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      Thank you for the queries. We suggest you could furnish us with your contact details or you could connect with our Academic Counselors on +91 9901999903/4 who will be able to assist you with your concerns.
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