Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses At JD Institute

If there is one period in a student’s life that is guaranteed to cause apprehension and anxiety, it is definitely the 12th grade. Deciding what they want to study for their graduate course will essentially shape their entire life from thereon. Students today have the option to completely skip graduate courses altogether and instead opt for diploma certification in fashion and interior design. There are a number of institutions within the country that provide diploma courses in these subjects. JD institute offers a wide range of diploma courses to cater to the varied needs of the students. Depending on our educational background, career ambitions and goals you can choose a course that is best suited to your requirements.

Objective of Diploma Courses

Although graduate courses are the most popular with respect to career decisions, there are also students who would prefer doing a diploma course instead. For one thing, diploma courses are for a shorter duration as compared to graduate courses and are also financially more viable due to this reason.

Obtaining a diploma in addition to a graduate degree will also enhance the said person’s skills and will make it easier to obtain a job. Diploma programmes do not provide extensive knowledge or skills as compared to graduate courses but are suited for niche subjects especially those that are technical in nature.

Diploma certification comes with numerous benefits as mentioned above and is up to the student to decide the best course of action based on his/her career choice.

Diploma Courses Offered At JD Institute of Fashion Technology

There are a number of colleges and educational institutes of repute within the country that offer a number of diploma courses for students. A premier educational institution, JD Institute of Fashion Technology is an establishment that provides courses that hone and enhance careers in art and fashion. This institute has more than 36 centres in the country and offers courses on a plethora of topics such as Photography, Hair and Makeup, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Design, Jewellery Design, Fashion Marketing and Communication among others. The focus is not just on technical knowledge but also practical experience which is provided through a global curriculum.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers a number of diploma courses, as listed below:

  • Diploma Course in Fashion Design
  • Diploma Course in Interior Design
  • Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design
  • Diploma Course in Fashion Styling
  • Diploma Course in Fashion Photography
  • Diploma Course in Fashion and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship
  • Diploma Course in Hair Styling
  • Diploma Course in Makeup Artistry
  • Diploma Course in Fashion Business Management
  • Diploma Course in Visual Merchandising

Diploma Course in Fashion Designing

One of the most popular courses offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Diploma in Fashion Design is a two year course with the option to have a one year fast track advance diploma as well. This certification is highly sought after due to the fact that this intense course trains students in everything that a budding fashion designer would have to know.

  • This course emphasises on practical industry oriented training and provides information and knowledge on topics such as textiles, history of costumes, selection of fabrics, illustration, principles of design, understanding silhouettes and so on.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to showcase their collections on a runway in front of industry stalwarts at the end of the course.

Students who wish to pursue their diploma at JD Institute of Fashion Technology are spoilt for choice as they have a plethora of options to decide from. Based on their interest and temperament, they can apply for the course that they believe is most suited for them.

Diploma Course in Interior Design

One of the fastest growing industries in the world today, thanks to the Construction and Real Estate market, Interior Designing has become a sought after career option. Planning and designing interior spaces is just as important as planning and constructing the exterior.

  • This course is for a period of one year and comprises of an interdisciplinary module that emphasises on technical as well as methodological approach to understanding textures, colours and patterns.
  • As part of their final submission, students will also have to develop projects that showcase their talent and understanding of the course material.

Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design Course

Jewellery design is an industry that is seeing rapid growth, not just in the country but also world over. With new methods of cutting stones, reshaping metals and newer designs emerging world-wide, designing jewellery is becoming one of the most popular career choices for many.

  • This course is perfect for those looking to enhance and sharpen their skills at not just designing jewellery but also running a business with respect to the same.
  • A methodological approach to jewellery design is the focus of this one year course.

Due importance is also given to research, creativity and innovation along with international manufacturing methods used to design jewellery while catering to ongoing trends in the market.

Diploma Course in Fashion Styling

A three month short term course, this diploma is perfect for students who wish to be known as Fashion Stylists and Image Consultants.

  • Through this rigorous curriculum, students will learn Fashion Draping, Personal and Client Styling, Styling based on budget, Hair and Makeup, Thematic shoots and how to coordinate looks.
  • This course is largely practical in nature and will also provide industrial exposure.
  • By the end of this program, students will have a portfolio of their own that will showcase their sense of style and skills needed to succeed in a cut-throat industry.

Diploma Courses in Fashion and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

Fashion is not just about creativity, colours, and fabrics; there is another side to handling a brand that comes with its own set of challenges and issues.

  • This course is specially designed for those who have the quality and aptitude to run a fashion business.
  • In an industry where trends change almost every second, being able to think on one’s feet and rise up to any challenge are qualities that are necessary. If one is interested in being their own boss, creating a brand or taking their existing business to another level, having a thorough knowledge of business management principles and marketing strategies is important.
  • Identifying market opportunities, trends and sustainable management principles is the need of the hour in this industry and this course offers all this and more.

A collaborative project between KEMI (Kautilya Entrepreneurship and Management Institute, Jain University, Bangalore) and JD Institute of Fashion Technology, this diploma course provides the best that these premier educational institutions have to offer.

Diploma Course in Hair Styling

Hairstyles can make or break an individual’s hair and personality and this is especially true in the fashion industry. A one month course, this diploma will teach students the origin and history of hairstyles, hair care tips, styling, hair colouring, styling based on face shape, different occasions and so on and so forth. This diploma is perfect for those looking to break in to the hair style and beauty industry.

Diploma Course in Makeup Artistry

The beauty industry in India is growing at a rapid rate making makeup artistry a profession that is always in demand. Everywhere people are becoming more conscious about their looks and the way they are presented.

  • This one month diploma course by our institute is offered to those who wish to make a name for themselves in the beauty industry and are passionate about makeup.
  • The course curriculum is quite rigorous and covers a number of topics such as study of facial shapes, eye makeup, makeup for television and film along with inputs from celebrity makeup artists and a lot of practical exposure.

Diploma Course in Fashion Business Management

This course is tailored to expose budding fashion business enthusiasts to strategic planning, leadership skills, decision making, problem solving, and organizational goals and also to global market study.

  • This course takes students through the business side of running a fashion brand and methods to solve problems regarding the same.
  • Fashion design is not just about clothing, colours or styling. The business end of it will make or break a brand and is therefore essential for budding fashion design students to have a deeper understanding of the entire industry and its workings.
  • This one year course is perfect for those who wish to have careers such as Fashion publicist, Design Manager, Merchandiser, Fashion Brand Manager or Buyer.

Diploma Course in Visual Merchandising

The art of displaying fashion and related merchandise in a way that appeals and attracts potential customers is known as Visual Merchandising. A relatively new career choice, Visual Merchandising has nonetheless taken the fashion industry by storm and aims to stay for the long haul.

  • This six months diploma course offers training with respect to understanding consumer buying psychology, sales potential in terms of display in showrooms, retail stores, interiors and so on.
  • Students will also understand how one can increase profitability through creative and unique visual display of merchandise along with importance of colours and placement.
  • Students will receive workshops, inputs from the best in the industry, all in an open environment that encourages free thinking and creativity.

Diploma Course in Fashion Photography

This course is for all photography aspirants who wish to pursue a career in the competitive world of fashion and glamour photography. Taking pictures is not just about the subject and the camera. There is a lot more that goes behind the scenes such as lighting, angles, makeup and hair, etc. Fashion photography is one of the hardest jobs around despite all the beauty and hype surrounding it. A three month course designed to train students to become fashion photographers, this diploma will focus on lighting, importance of body language, expression and technical aspects of camera, among other topics.