Minimalism-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019

The intentional promotion of the things having the most value and removal of anything that distracts from the core idea is the purpose behind the collection. One of the most important and influential art styles of the 1960s, “Minimalism” identifies as a work of art that focuses on the fundamentals instead of getting into the details. The nucleus of the design range is effortlessness in fashion.

Minimalism minimalism - image001 17 - Minimalism

minimalism - image003 18 - Minimalism

minimalism - image005 16 - Minimalism

minimalism - image007 16 - Minimalism

minimalism - image009 15 - Minimalism

minimalism - image011 13 - Minimalism

Student Designers:Arveen Kandhari, Anuragini Kumari, Namrata Singh

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