Tansya-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019


Tandava and Lasya being the extreme sides of human emotions where Tandavadepicts aggressiveness and masculinity and Lasya is soft and feminine. The intent behind the amalgamation of weaving the expressions and movements of the two dance forms is to convey the need to bring about harmony in society.


Tansya tansya - image001 20 - Tansya

tansya - image002 3 - Tansya

tansya - image003 21 - Tansya

tansya - image004 1 - Tansya

tansya - image005 19 - Tansya

tansya - image006 3 - Tansya

tansya - image007 19 - Tansya

Student Designers:Silpa Reddy K, Sanjeet Kaur, Prachi Jain, Shivam Sharma, Aayush Arora


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