Not Magic but Photoshop: Photo Editing You see a beautiful scene and capture it with a camera. But the picture doesn’t come out exactly as you had imagined. Somehow, the colours do not pop as much, and charm seems to be lost. Photo editing is the perfect tool to help you in this situation. Photo...
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The Stunning Effects of Minimal and Monotonic Photographs Photographs play a huge role in communication. These are images that convey moods, emotions, aesthetics, a sense of place, and so much more. As South India’s No.1 private college and a leading design institute, J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology recognises and appreciates the importance of photography. We...
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Students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology gives Tilak Bridge a facelift   With an initiative to reinvigorate the sense of freedom and independence amongst the young generation, we have associated with an NGO Nehru Bal Sangh on the 7th edition of Jashn–E–Azadi with the campaign Rang-de Azadi. The artwork on the walls was based on the...
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You’ve Never Seen a Treehouse like This Before   So Stylish and Luxurious, It is Hard to Believe that It is a Treehouse As South India’s No.1 private college, and a leading design institute, we’re always on the lookout for inspiration. A search for ideas that inspire students in design courses when it comes to...
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Brilliant Photographs That Will Help You to Focus A picture is worth thousands of words. They can show us new worlds and help instil empathy. Pictures activate emotions and can deliver powerful messages. They are a great way to feel encouraged, no matter what the subject. Here is a handpicked selection of a few such...
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The Red Shoes: 70th Anniversary of the Classic Film The world of cinema culture has often relied on ballet to create masterful movies throughout history. If you were to recall some of the most iconic flicks where ballet took center stage, you would find no dearth of them from Emil Loteanu’s biographical drama, Anna Pavlova(1964)...
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Where to Go for the Best Street Shopping Experience across India The charm of shopping in the local streets cannot be matched by any other kind of shopping experience. The joy of bargaining and the excitement from all the chatter holds a certain appeal for every street shopper. All across India, there are many famous streets...
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How To Decorate Your Interior with Mirrors?   Mirrors make a versatile addition to your interior. With so many designs and styles, you can add a mirror to any space in your house to give it a modern appeal. Below are some style tips on how you can infuse mirrors into your design. And, if...
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Clever and Pragmatic Space Saving Interior Design Ideas Are you half starved-starved for square foot area and are finding it very difficult to decorate your interiors? Would you stop at nothing to transfigure your spatially deprived space into a slice of heaven? Tight spaces can be a real bother when it comes to decorating them....
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Top selling fashion magazines   Browsing through fashion magazines are not just entertaining but also informative on issues like culture, and sometimes even politics. There are tens of thousands of fashion magazines out there, but here’s a lowdown on the ones that have consistently maintained standard and are worth spending time on. 1.   British Vogue...
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