January 29, 2019


VISIT TO JAROI INTERIORS “The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client & the essence of the space”     The above quote defines the design philosophy of Jaroi Interiors, a one-stop solution for entire interior designing needs. Interior Design students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Hauz Khas Village spent...
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Making Jewelry At Home Using Simple Techniques Jewellery is an essential part of the versatile human culture. It is used to complement the looks and attire of the person. Jewellery is a very important article in the present market and is available in all styles and sizes. In the earlier times, it used to a...
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Scope of Fashion Designing Fashion designing has become very popular in India in the last few years and many people are now considering it as a career choice. With economic prosperity, the average income of Indians has increased. Hence, people have better lifestyles compared to the past and they can afford to spend more on...
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Photography Courses in Bangalore for Beginners The term ‘Photography’ can be defined in number of ways. A group of people says it is an art. Some says it is an application that becomes perfect with practice. Few people also view photography from creative point of view. The photographers are no more restricted to back and...
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Top 10 Interior Designers in Pune A well-furnished home with the flawless look is the dream of every homemaker. People earn for living. But, having a perfect home with the interior of your choice is one of your lifestyle needs. How do you feel when you are invited to your friends and relatives home that...
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How to Become a Jewelry Designer Jewellery is everywhere. Everywhere our eye turns we see either women or men, flaunting a dashing piece of jewellery you just can’t take your eyes off. But among all these exclusive and intricate design that always seem to be in fashion, we often miss out on the fact of...
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Top 10 Interior Designers in Delhi We have all heard about interior designers. Be it a family gathering or at an event we attended, in the India of today, interior designers are the hottest and most talked about celebrities in the market and there’s good reason why. A good interior designer who has made a...
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