July 5, 2019


God is a woman-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019   God is a woman, was awarded with the ‘Innovative Collection’ from JD Institute of Fashion Technology Hauz Khas Village branch. The powerful design range is based on the idea of fabricating clothing on a universal basis regardless of men and women, creating an androgynous idea of fitting...
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Propre-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 Propre, was awarded with the ‘Innovative Collection’ from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, North Delhi.The savagery behind the processing of leather is condemned by many, the quelling of animal life and other activities, hazardous for nature, lead to the idea of switching leather with a naturally obtained fabric “CORK”. Laser cut,...
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Mutant Consent-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 Mutant Consent The viewpoint revolves around the weighing up the process of fashion and costume design.The ideation of these processes is diametrically apart yet there is a resemblance in realization of designs. The hands on exploration with the fabric and prospecting with the design and surfaces is giving the garments a...
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Vastragami-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 Vastragami, was awarded with ‘Innovative Collection’ from JD Institute of Fashion Technology Hauz Khas Village branch. Travelling through a black hole’s cauchy horizon, where the illusion of past and future feathers away creating a loop in the present forever. ‘Vastra’ translating to clothes and ‘agami’ to future, the motive is to...
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Parikrama-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019-Commercially Viable Collection Parikrama, was awarded with the ‘CommerciallyViable Collection.’ Parikrama is the timeless experience of the eclipse. Through all down the human history, generations of people all over the planet have shared the common experience of totality. The process confines to  partial or complete shielding of an element.Immediate appearance and disappearance...
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       Marhaba-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 Marhaba, was awarded with the‘Special award-upliftment of muse of the range.’ The theme revolves around “Mosaic” which is switched with the age old craft of Rogan art.The ancient skill with its origin in Persia, came down to India 400 years back. The rare craft is practised by a...
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Cosmic Threads-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019 “Public access to space kick-starting, notion of dressing for space that was often science fiction is going to become a reality.” Technological advancement will impact space travel in the future. The theme Orbital Vacation demonstrates a switch in the field of travel. Therefore, the collection has a futuristic approach, fusing...
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Dark between the stars-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019-Commercially Viable Collection Dark between the stars  was awarded with ‘Commercially Viable Collection’ from JD Institute of Fashion Technology Hauz Khas Village branch. Taking its essence from ‘the emu in the sky’ a constellation which is visible against the Milky Way and acquires the shape and direction denoting the...
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Avian-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019   This collection portrays to be free to fly, to soar. . . to ride the winds. Inspired by the so incredibly beautiful birds, with their wings spread wide, catching the breeze, this group of students puts the avian influence in spotlight. This spring summer collection is breezy, with sheer layering...
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