Avian-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019


This collection portrays to be free to fly, to soar. . . to ride the winds. Inspired by the so incredibly beautiful birds, with their wings spread wide, catching the breeze, this group of students puts the avian influence in spotlight.

Avian avian - image002 1 - Avian

This spring summer collection is breezy, with sheer layering being the highlight and interesting cuts and embellishments used throughout the range.

avian - image003 8 - Avian


avian - image005 7 - Avianavian - image007 7 - Avian

avian - image009 8 - Avian

avian - avian - Avian

Student Designers: Vidya Goswami, Roshni Khan, Prince Agrawal, Kratika Dubey

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