February 27, 2019


Jediiians at Bengaluru by Design Bengaluru by design (BBD) is a festival that celebrates design, fosters innovation and creates awareness on sustainability. The comprehensive event is an oasis of creativity with a focus on impacting people through learning, exchange, and collaboration. JD Institute of Fashion Technology was happy and glad to be a part of Bengaluru by...
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Guest Lecture for Fashion Communication and Fashion Business Management students’ | JD Institute JD Institute of Fashion Technology aims to engage students with lots of experimental and practical learning apart from just the textbooks. Several eminent speakers and industrialists visit the institute to hold interactive sessions with our students. This time for Fashion Communication and...
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DANCE OF THE SOULS BY CHHAYA GANDHI In a world where both fashion and dance are art forms, the two make the perfect pairing. From the elegant lines and powerful choreography of dance companies inspiring the creative directors of leading fashion houses, to designers being tasked with creating costumes for dancers, there’s no denying the...
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ECO–ACU BY ACCUPOINTERS Are you stressed due to long working hours? Do you suffer from frequent headaches & backaches? Do you long for somebody give you a good massage? So here is the solution …  “pinpoint that disharmony in your body as our designers present an acupressure line of clothing.” With this line of clothing...
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STROKES OF GENIUS BY AVENGERS Fashion is one of the most powerful forms of expression in society, so it’s only fitting for fashion to take this power to the next level by capturing the charisma & power of characters in comic books. Over the years, comic book characters have certainly used fashion to communicate things about themselves in different ways....
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REVIVAL, REBIRTH, REJUVENATE BY REVIVING TRADITIONS Offices are supposed to be drab grey places with balding carpets, worn tiles and fluorescent strip lighting, where people get territorial over mugs and take delight in plastic stationery. But our designers for next collection have used their creative power to enable freer and more fashionable work wear. This...
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AGNIKALA BY SMOKEY FUSION Our next collection is based on Fabric manipulations by heat, using blower guns and the garnishing touch of fire. The tools helped the designers to achieve a dramatically shabby look, like a bubble effect or tiny burnt holes which are the main features of the garments. Pastel shades form the colour...
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STYLE ON THE RACKS BY SWAPS The inspiration for fashion is endless. The much-in-fashion apparels today, are either the revival of vintage patterns …  or their enhanced versions, with slight doses of modern elements. The next collection is inspired by India’s ever inspirational Rajput royalty. Taking inspiration from our glorious past and creating a contemporary...
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NEO ETH-KNIT BY VARSHA KOSHTI The essence of this collection is glamour, simplicity, a modern look & comfort teamed with intricate detailing. With the belief that knitwear can be versatile and can be used in Indian wear with their easy cuts, the collection NEO ETH-KNIT, sees the Knitted Fabrics come to life with embellishments in sparkling threads,  in a...
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KALON BY KABIRA The craft of Ikat represents perfect synchronization, and a body of acute technical knowledge, which is a part of the traditional wisdom of the craftsmen. The flaw of weaving makes it beautiful and auspicious. The brilliant aesthetic of this textile has inspired our designers to create this Indian men’s wear collection. The...
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