February 26, 2019


TIMELESS CLASSICS BY TRIOS You’ll always be true to your blues, but it may just be time to spice things up! The designers of this Indian wear collection have translated the acclaimed denim fabric onto our beloved Indian lehengas for the young generation, who are fashion rebels at heart. You can ditch your traditional lehenga...
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LOOPING THE LOOP  by  EUREKA The cycle of our personal fashion mantra is summed up in 3 words… BUY, WEAR, DISCARD.  This phenomenon is certainly worth pondering over. Without the slightest of concern or thought for  Mother Earth Who looks up to us, we go about our merry way,  buying clothes indiscrimately. With Looping The Loop,  as this collection is called, our designers, through their laid back & ...
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ENLIGHTMENT BY COSMIC CREATIONS Buddhism is a path that   transforms the mind, going from ignorance to wisdom, from self-centeredness to altruism and compassion. Thus inspired, the designers created a line that translates the religious culture of Buddhism into contemporary fashion. The showcase features creative drapes and colors influenced by Tibetan attire.  They are   crafted in...
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Kudos to our alumnus Alexandra Faye Kudos to our alumnus Alexandra Faye for creating a costume for the beautiful and super talented Shashaa Tirupati at the Asian Vision Awards in Dubai. JD Institute of Fashion Technology congratulates Alexandra Faye on her achievement. Jediiian in the industry. We are proud of her.  
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Costume and look design for Mr. Sandip Soparkar by our student Chhaya Gandhi Kudos to our student Chhaya Gandhi for Costume and look design for Mr. Sandip Soparkar when he was on jury panel of the prestigious Miss India USA contest held at The Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey USA.  
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KEEPING PACE WITH TECHNOLOGY Asia’s largest Textile and Garment Exposition-Garment Technologies Expo 2019 was organized at New Delhi from February 22 to 25, 2019. Students of Fashion Business Management and Fashion Designing made it a point to visit the exposition, to update their knowledge on new technology and machinery in the apparel sector. In the...
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