October 1, 2018


Teachers Day Celebrations 2018 – JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai Teachers play a major role in making their students’ responsible citizens of tomorrow and good human beings. They are the cornerstone for the future of the students. Teacher’s Day is celebrated to show acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by teachers...
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Parent Teacher Meeting – JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai JD Institute of Fashion Technology conducted a parent’s teacher meet. Students came along with their parents to attend the meet.  A progress report was made for individual student mentioning the internal test result & attendance of students by the class coordinator and counselling for overall improvement...
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Navratri Celebration – JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated in the autumn every year. Navratri Festival is a “Circle of ecstasy” that throbs students in a fusion of dance and devotion It is observed for various reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. The Staff and students...
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Imagination Tour Run Utsav Kutch -JD Institute of Fashion Technology Mumbai India is one of the most ethnically diverse nations, rich in cultural and artistic heritage. Villages in every part of the country practice handicrafts that hold ancient expertise and uniqueness. The JD Institute of Fashion Technology students of Mumbai & Faculty were on a study...
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Imagination Tour Goa – JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai Field trips give students practical learning experiences away from their regular limited classroom environment. Excursion or field trip is an important tool for meeting learning goals. We took our fashion and interior students of JD Institute Mumbai to Goa. Our purebred aspect for students was “Imagination”...
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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations 2018 – JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai JD Institute, Mumbai recently organized a Ganesha moulding workshop to gear up for Ganesh Chaturthi. The Fashion and Interior Students contributed to an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi celebration by making Ganesh idols. These Ganesh idols were made using fine clay. The activity was planned with a thought...
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Dove ad camping – JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai Dove ad camping-selecting students for their television ad for hair products The Dove campaign is well known for featuring “real women” in their ads, and how can we not love them for that? Dove is also a well-known brand that has high-end hair& skin products. There are...
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Diwali Celebration – JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai Diwali was celebrated by JD Institute Mumbai with religious fervor and gaiety. On the occasion, students and teachers lighted lamps and candles and also worshipped Goddess Lakshmi. The programme started with the lighting of the traditional lamp and Goddess Laxmi puja followed by. Diwali is all...
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