Let’s Swap-Switch-The Fashion Awards 2019

Let’s Swap Engaging precisely on the fluidity of what would be traditionally considered women’s wear elements with that of menswear and vice-versa, this group of students has created a continuum of blurred lines between men and women’s wear. A lot of check patterns have been incorporated in the collection with the use of pure cotton and linen fabrics, and the colour palette is dominated by mustard and green. Experimental silhouettes with a lot of layering and asymmetry can be seen throughout the range.

Let’s Swap let’s swap - image001 15 - Let’s Swap

let’s swap - image003 16 - Let’s Swap

let’s swap - image005 14 - Let’s Swap

let’s swap - image007 14 - Let’s Swap

let’s swap - image009 13 - Let’s Swap\let’s swap - image011 11 - Let’s Swap

Student Designers: Rinki, Rashmi, Shalini Pal, Shikha Khare, Kalpana Mishra, Mansi Mishra, Nikita Gupta

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