Natansh -Class of 2019

Natansh -Class of 2019

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A highly passionate interior designer passed out from JD Institute of Fashion Technology in 2019, possesses a go-getter attitude in giving all his strength, intertwining curiosity and willingness to acquire knowledge on unexplored aspects of challenges that aid him in blossoming into a skilled individual both professionally as well as personally.

Currently operating under Architects.dwg since February 2019, Natansh happens to be extremely excited and overwhelmed as his first job gives him the opportunity to deal with an ample of thought-provoking projects having a diversified purview ergo enabling him to groom himself on a daily basis.

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On the very onset, he flashes back to time and acknowledges the resolute training given by his mentors on providing a core foundation that helped him excel in every aspect of life.

An optimist on challenges and an enthusiast as every day is a new day with new challenges, be it completing a project in due course of time or to fulfill the expectation of the client in the best possible manner, which drives the motivation in him towards achieving his daily goals.

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While it is a hard-hitting reality to accept the fact that, in order to excel in a professional arena where one has to win the race in order to establish one’s career which is quite contrasting to the relaxed, carefree activities and the leisure life that goes on in every educational institution.

Natansh recalls the memories, the training at college are all imbibed as a movie with the bittersweet memories where The Fashion Awards memories are the unforgettable as they consisted of the fun and learning concept which is the crucial lesson on getting him to where he stands today.

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While amidst of all the good and bad circumstances of the challenges he still has his goal affirmed on establishing his name as a designer which will make his parents proud of him.

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