The Imperative of International Exposure in Imagination

“Don’t limit your Creativity, travel extensively, get Inspired …Let your inspiration and Imagination talk…”

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We all want uniqueness or “one of a kind thing” in our creations, but the question is that in today’s global world is it easy for us to be in one city and try to rule the world with our creations and imaginations. Years ago, major artists like Andy Warhol, the famous interior design artist Elsie de Wolfe, Jean Michel Frank or even the Vogue editor Anna Wintour or the famous fashion journalist Suzy Menkes, the prominent fashion designer Edith Head had opportunities to showcase their skills, apart from the original creations, they were there at the right time at the right moment, but they all have a common thing, all of them traveled a lot, had them exposed enough to develop their creativity, they all have a story to tell.

In today’s world more and more people are coming into the area of creativity, from fashion designers to interior designers to photographers to jewellery designers all feel they own talent and creativity, but they get limited because of the lack of international exposure they have. Being part of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, one of the major highlights is the international educational tour to cities like London calls, Paris, Rome taking the imagination to the next level, which is part of the JD curriculum. We all want to be an Oscar de la Renta or a Billy Baldwin or a Monolo Blahnik or a Paloma Picasso, but the thing is, are we ready to chase our dreams, make the change, our dreams into reality.

The Imperative of International Exposure in Imagination the imperative of international exposure in imagination - London Calls 1012x1024 - The Imperative of International Exposure in ImaginationToday there are millions of students passing out from arts school trying to make a mark in the world of creativity, even people, brands and labels are looking for uniqueness to have their own individuality, but let’s get the facts right, it’s not easy to achieve it, we need to travel for more inspiration and it will be great if it happens from an early stage, the more you travel the wider it gets, and it helps to make your footprint strong. The more travel experience inspiration you get, it’s easier for you to make different ideas and apply in your imagination and creativity, easy way to satisfy the clients who ask for more and more options. Apart from exposure of creativity, the other area is webbing, one of the major perks of International travel is the talented people whom we meet and the things they get inspired from you and vice versa, taking the creativity in international level.

The world is moving fast and every year we have millions of students passing out from major art schools, making their way in the world of imagination, it isn’t easy for you, but the good thing is that we live in India, a country with diverse culture, giving the inspiration for many collections and decorations, but add those inspirations with a pinch of International exposure, bang… you just created a mark for yourself and it’s going to be the next international thing. The famous web series “73 questions” by vogue had Anna Wintour as the guest and she was asked the place she wishes to visit, and her answer was “India”. It means without being to India she was able to create a lot of Imagination and creativity, once she taps India, her imagination will go to the next level.

We should make sure to travel cities like Milan, Paris, London, New York, Dubai and towns like Chefchaouen, Ronda, city of Ojai not to see the place, but to soak in the culture, get inspired, to take your creativity to the next level and innovate yourself, giving your imagination an original touch.  There is a lot that the world has to offer, the more you travel, experience and see, it helps you to imply it on your job. Grab the opportunity if your school or institution provides it because not everyone is lucky as you, and it’s very important to get these kind opportunities at an early stage today. As the famous saying “Do everything you can to attract Luck” and we don’t know where we are going to encounter the real us.

Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.” –Matthew Karsten



The Imperative of International Exposure in Imagination…!


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