Study Tour - London Calls | JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Study Tour – London Calls | JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Study Tour – London Calls (15 Days / 20 Days / 28 Days)

About JD Institute of Fashion Technology

For over 30 years now, JD Institute of Fashion Technology has been pushing the boundaries of design education. We were one of the first institutes in India to offer the  full spectrum of courses in fashion, interiors and jewellery design. Over the years JD has added many firsts to its name. London Calls is one more such initiative.

What is London Calls?

London Calls is an educational tour for the students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology (Duration: 15 Days / 20 Days / 28 Days Program). The objective is to take the student’s knowledge and inspiration to the next level by taking them to the global stage, to places where design and fashion were born. This gives students first-hand, international exposure to the world of fashion, designers, art, and culture — thus giving them new knowledge, skills and vital inspiration to take their craft to the next level.

Over the course of the tour, students will be exposed to several scenarios and challenges, will need to work together as groups to deliver outcomes for which they will be evaluated, and in the end will return with a stronger, more unique sense of design vision and style.

Study Tour - London Calls | JD Institute of Fashion Technology
Study Tour – London Calls | JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Why is it a great opportunity?

Alongside Milan and Paris, London is one of the world’s hottest fashion and design locations. From Shakespeare and The Beatles to world-class fashion labels and inspiring art and architecture, London is the epitome of creative vision, freedom and style. It’s a great place for students to get a taste of the international fashion scene and to learn from mentors, artists and peers.

1. Holistic learning beyond classrooms

Fashion and design cannot be taught through books alone. It requires absorbing people, places, and culture. These are the roots of fashion. Exposed to these roots, the young creative mind can get inspired and achieve new levels of originality. London is a great place to do this as it is one of the nerve centres of global fashion.

2. Cosmopolitan learning

London’s streets throb with the vibrant style of a fashion -forward crowd. The city is also
a meeting point of several other cultures, cosmopolitan and ethnic, and this makes it a unique knowledge centre for students of art and design. The architecture and the impeccably maintained historic sites also provide interior design aspirants with a wide spectrum of references and inspiration.

3. Great location

All programs of JD London are conducted in the heart of London amidst beautiful, tranquil
surroundings, minutes away from central London.

4. World -class faculty

Our programs are taught by established and well-known industry professionals whose rich experience offers the perfect spark and guidance to young minds.

5. Powerful career outcomes

Students can connect their studies to live, creative explorations by the end of the program. All in all, it is a highly stimulating, mind-expanding and meaningful addition to one’s resume as a designer.

What to expect?

All students from fashion, interior and jewellery design as well as photography and make-up artistry, can enrol for the tour. The tour involves:

• Visiting prominent design and fashion landmarks
• Places of historical and cultural interest
• Creative & Research programs, including visits to the world’s rarest museums such as V&A, National Museum, and the Fashion & Textile Museum
• Classroom sessions
• Group activities
• Sightseeing

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