Your way to becoming a Creative Director in a Fashion Design Brand

Your way to becoming a Creative Director in a Fashion Design Brand – Hone these 5 traits

The fashion industry is one such industry which is never on halt. With changing seasons, technology, trends and requirements, the fashion market is evolving and growing exponentially every second. For any fashion apparel company or fashion magazine, the fashion creative director is the driving and managing mind.

To give significant exposure to students in Fashion Design Course at JD Institute Of Fashion Technology, we have garnered an impressive industry network for our students, where they are exposed to the best and veterans of Fashion Industry. Several tie-ups and opportunities are carved out for our students. We enable students and make them industry ready to be confident, mindful and resourceful right from day 1 of their careers.

Creative directors who graduate from Fashion Design Course, take roles of an art director for a fashion magazine; or a creative director of a fashion design company overlooking the design of apparel. No matter the field in which they work, creative directors in the fashion industry use the skills of creativity in exercising concepts, communication, leadership and industry-related technology.

If you are the mind behind your magazine or company, it requires you to inculcate certain habits to help you as well as your work to flourish. Every successful person, in any field, has specific practices that they assert to succeed.

For a fashion creative director, there are five essential habits, which when followed can accelerate the quality and quantity of your and your employee’s work.

Your way to becoming a Creative Director in a Fashion Design Brand

Always keep your customers needs and likes in mind

Fashion industry thrives on the customers. It is the most important habit to be updated about your audience, what they want, their needs, which they get inspired and influenced by. Merely creating designs and content won’t do the job, your brand or magazine can only succeed if what you create is liked by the audience.

Always Focus on how you communicate your brand

If your core experience has always been Fashion Design, then one can brush up their skills, through Postgraduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Management at JD Institute of Fashion Technology that provides an understanding and training in Production management, Visual Merchandising, Media and trend analysis, PR, Brand Management and in specialised fields such as quality control, and research methodologies. This will then enable you to help manage and plan out your Fashion Brand’s strategy thoroughly.

As a design and creative professional, when you are the top driving the creative force for the brand it is essential to have a knowledge about Fashion Business Management as well.

The 2-year Diploma in Fashion Business Management Course at JD Institute of Fashion Technology helps focus and augment your with a critical and creative approach to embracing current and developing issues in the fashion industry.

Always be in touch with your peers and employees

Keep in mind that you might be the one at the top of the chain, but your ideas can only be implemented if the people you work with understand your style and taste. Not all talented employees and craftsmen in your team, might have graduated from  Fashion Design Course.

Likewise, however amazing ideas you come up with can never be achieved if those working with and around you don’t understand it. Think aloud, keep your employees in the loop so that everyone is on the same page. Any great idea can be a success only when executed well.

Your way to becoming a Creative Director in a Fashion Design Brand

Always keep track of the tech industry

It is evident that a fashion creative director cannot write code, what matters is knowing the front-end user experience and backend process. Sometimes marketing can only work if the technology used is up to date. Your brand has impressive designs or magazine has breakthrough fashion content, but if you don’t have a good website or outreach to your audience, there is no point in having a brand. Remember that this is the 21st century, technology bounds each person, there is no chance that you create fashion without being associated with technology in a certain way.

At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, we encourage students in Fashion Design Course to have their skills sharpened through Diploma in Fashion Management Course and Fashion Entrepreneurship programs

Always try to be involved in the work

As a fashion creative director, it doesn’t mean that you can give the idea and sit back and relax. Get your hands dirty. Help in the execution of the concept as well. Your creative expertise and experience is an asset, so put in use throughout the process. It will help build the brand and also motivate people working under you.

Your way to becoming a Creative Director in a Fashion Design Brand

Always be observant

Observation is the key. Look around; anything can inspire you. Being observant not only helps in getting new ideas but knowing about other industrial sectors and the economic scenario can help you analyse the fashion market too.

With deep subject matter expertise, empathy towards colleagues, amicable outlook towards customers, you are now equipped to raise the design ladder.

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