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World Aids Day 2017 (WAD2017)- Stay Aware Be Safe

World Aids Day 2017 (WAD2017)- Stay Aware Be Safe

World Aids Day 2017 (WAD2017) – Stay Aware Be Safe

“Stay Aware, Be Safe” was the motto for JEDIIIANS on World Aids Day 2017. Every year December 1 is observed as World Aids Day, a day to remember those who have struggled and died due to this disease. On this day everyone wears a red ribbon to observe and mark respect to the millions of people who are suffering from this incurable disease. As of 2016 according to UNAIDS, India 21,00,000 are living with HIV Infection, every year there is 80,000 new cases were reported and a death of 62,000 due to HIV. The bad news is that the disease is still controllable and not curable, but the good news is that there is the big decline in the number of people infected. On December 1st, 2017 JEDIIIANS took the streets to spread awareness on Aids and decided to stand united to fight against this incurable disease. World Aids Day 2017 AIDS or the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is the result of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) which is the cause of 35 million people’s death in the world. According to UNIAIDS, India has 62000 aids related death every year. Every year there is a decline but it’s not enough, let’s stand united to eradicate this disease forever and it’s actually simple all we need to do is “be safe. World Aids Day 2017 Despite the unusual rains, the students were determined to go out in the streets and spread awareness about “prevention of HIV/Aids”.  The students of JD Institute decided to go around in brigade road spreading awareness not just to passer-by’s, onlookers but also to the shops around brigade on the importance being safe, preventing and spreading HIV. Our volunteers distributed red ribbons to everyone, passing information on how important it is to be safe, the importance of taking tests and more importantly to be a change and talk about it. The students promulgated the importance of being safe and importance of talking about it. World Aids Day 2017 Mr. Suhail Yusuf- the secretary of brigade shops and establishment association, said it’s wonderful to see the youth of today take up this kind of activities and spread the required information. He recalled during his days it was such a delicate conversation to be talked and how time has brought the change. He appreciated the efforts of JD Institute of Fashion Technology on conveying the importance of CSR in the curriculum. World Aids Day 2017 Ms. Aditi Toley- Marketing Manager for Lee Jeans, India, showed their support by emphasising the need of taking a test on a regular basis, the importance of spreading awareness. She proclaimed the importance of change and said it brings the hope that the new generation is aware and talk about these topics which were once a taboo. World Aids Day 2017 The awareness was mainly on preventing HIV/AIDS, to be safe and spread the message of being safe. JD Institute who builds the new generation believes it’s important for an Institute/colleges to contribute to the society in small way possible. Let’s not just talk about, let’s start acting on and bring the change, lets “Stay Aware, Be Safe”. World Aids Day 2017 World Aids Day 2017 World Aids Day 2017 World Aids Day 2017 World Aids Day 2017    

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