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What is Interior Designing?

The art of doing up the interiors of any official or personal place is known as interior designing. It is both an art and a science. The science focuses on making space usable and productive. The art focuses on making it aesthetically pleasing. Interior design is one of the several creative fields taken up by people who are the inclination towards art. However, designing a place does not require just the knowledge of art. There is a lot of science that goes into it too. This is due to the involvement of aspects like temperature considerations and ventilation.

In India, since ancient times, architects have worked on the design and ventilation of various palaces and temples. From the late 19th century, interior designing in India started developing as a professional field. Various design houses came up as a result. These interior design companies specialized in offering furniture and furnishings as well, to suit the demands and tastes of consumers. By the end of the twentieth century, individuals around the world had started questioning the monopoly of big companies in the field and the idea of interior design as a viable option and a professional choice started to take shape. The work of an interior designer thus came into being and over the years the role has evolved from decorating a place to consider harmony in terms of space, props, layout, and mood.

Interior designing in India is a growing field. This is partly because the field itself is so rich and interesting and partly due to the immense career opportunities the field offers. JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers a host of courses in the field of interior design. These courses are designed in alignment with current global trends and market needs in India. JD trains interior designers to work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to build a space that is beautiful, functional, and safe.

 Interior Design courses offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology

JD Institute is one of the pioneers in the field of design courses. The institute has a widespread network of branches across all major cities of India and also boasts of alumni that are icons in the field of fashion.

  • BSc. in Interior Design and Decoration, 3 years

B.Sc. in Interior Designing is a course suitable for anyone who wishes to make a career in the field of interior designing and is eager to learn the big concepts and small intricacies of the field. This course offers not just the regular curriculum but also helps students develop finer instincts in the field of interior designing. Since it is a long-term course, it takes into consideration aspects like furnishing, materials to be used, and the basic principles of design. The course also helps students develop the knack for realizing and incorporating the current domestic and global trends in the field.

Regular interactions with industry experts help students gain not just theoretical but practical knowledge as well. The course trains students to develop their lateral thinking ability and apply imaginative and unconventional approaches to design.


  • Diploma in Interior Design, 1 year

This is a diploma course in the field of interior design. It is a mid-term course but includes all important aspects of interior designing. Students who have an inclination to learn about interior designing but have less time on their hands can use this course to get a comprehensive and inclusive look at the field of interior ddiploma-in-interior-design-1-yearesigning and its many nuances.

This course from JD Institute is focused on developing creative skills of students while training them for effective planning too. The course uses a methodological and technical approach to make the subject as interesting and relevant for students as possible. It encourages students to develop their artistic abilities and apply their creativity to truly fulfill their potential. Regular workshops and expert sessions are also an integral part of this course and it results in students getting the first-hand experience of the industry and apply their theoretical knowledge accordingly.


  • Undergraduate diploma in Interior Design, 3 years

The undergraduate diploma in Interior Design is a 3 years course which focuses on all the big and small aspects of interior design. This course is aimed to lend interior design know-how and skills to students who wish to make interior designing their professional choice. The course not only teaches the intricacies of theoretical design but also enhances the practical knowledge of students.

undergraduate-diploma-in-interior-design-3-yearsInterior design is an expensive yet fast spreading field of designing and students from almost all big and small parts of the country are interested in the same. JD Institute offers some of the most seasoned courses in this particular field. 3 long years of this course help students gain deep knowledge of the subject and learn the various theoretical as well as practical applications of the syllabus. This course is ideal for students who are looking for a decent job as an interior designer with a company or even for students who wish to open their own interior design services company.

This undergraduate diploma is created in a stepped manner to ensure that the course begins with the basics and then progresses slowly to let students assimilate the details of the course in a phased manner.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design, 2 years

The postgraduate diploma is a 2-year course in interior design and gives the students a chance to learn all the finer details of the stream. A lot of inputs go into making this course comprehensive and useful for students who wish to pursue interior design as a career option. The course trains students in competencies


that are required to deal with the demands of the designing industry and of the general current trends.

Space planning, Indian arts and crafts, architectural designing etc. are some of the topics that are covered as part of this postgraduate course. The course also trains students to focus on inter-disciplinary projects to foster innovations and specialization in the field of interior design. After completion of this course, students can find jobs as interior stylist, interior journalist, visual merchandiser, graphic designer, or retail and space designer. Entrepreneurship is always a choice for any student who wishes to tread the business path.



What is Interior Designing Course Syllabus/Curriculum

Please visit the web page specific to the interior design course that you wish to apply for. Detailed information on the syllabus of each course under interior design is mentioned on JD Institute website.

Eligibility for Interior Designing Courses

Eligibility criteria are different for different interior design courses at JD Institute. Post-Graduation courses require the applicant to be a graduate when he/she applies for the course. Likewise, for the graduate degree and diploma courses, the student is required to have qualified his/her intermediate with a certain decent percentage.

What is Interior Designing Scope in India

India has been a hub for interior designing opportunities from the time of maharajas and dynasties. There have always been people who did the task of designing a palace or temple and give it the look and feel that was demanded by the owner. However, earlier it was not done in as professional and organized manner as now. With the current growth of e-commerce in the country and the current globalization trend, new and lucrative opportunities have been born for people who wish to pursue interior design as a profession. Like fashion designing, interior design to is propelled to a large extent by the film industry of the nation which showcases the latest trends in the field of interior décor and people are then propelled to demand the same style for their own homes.

Difference between Interior Design and Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture is different from Interior Design in the sense that the former is much more technical as compared to the latter. Interior Architecture deals with everything in the interior space that has to do with habitation. This includes materials used, space usage, finishes and paints, electrical equipment etc. The current demands of the industry have made the role of an interior designer more crucial. Currently, designers who have the know-how of interior architecture are the favored ones in the market.

Interior designers, on the other hand, may or may not have architectural knowledge. Interior architects generally come with a professional course in the same.

JD Institute Interior Designing Courses Fee Structure

Customer care contact numbers and emails at JD Institute can be contacted to inquire about the fee structure for the interior designing courses at the college. Fee for all courses is determined based on the duration of the course as well as its level; that is, bachelors or post-graduate.

Fee for interior design courses in JD Institute is competitive and in-line with the trends of the interior design industry.

What is Interior Designing Career Opportunities in India

The current Indian markets are teeming with opportunities when it comes to interior designing. The enhanced exposure to global trends, the flourishing real estate industry and the increasing capital in the hands of people have all ensured that interior design remains not just the prerogative of the rich but is accessible to customers from all economic sections.

With various e-commerce companies opening up, the field has become a lucrative one for people with a creative bend of mind. Start-ups like Urban Ladder, Fab Furnish, PepperFry are some of the many startup companies that operate in the interior designing space in India. Apart from these new ventures, there are several big and small, local and national designer houses that specialize only in giving interior designing services to customers in the country. This lends a lot of scope in terms of employment and growth to the field of interior designing.

Career Opportunities also lie with various big business houses which ensure that their interiors are done tastefully and in keeping with the trend of the times. Careers options in interior designing are many and can be explored by anyone who is decided about taking it up as a professional choice.

Salary of interior designers in India

Salary of interior designers is purely dependent on the company with which they work. Big builder houses and fashion houses based in metropolitan cities might pay hefty amounts as compared to interior design companies which are based in tier 2 cities.

The field is exceptionally influenced by experience and as such, those with higher experience get paid a lot more as compared to a fresher. Certain skills like Corel Draw, SketchUp etc. increase the chances of a higher pay package.

Top Interior Designers in India

What is Interior Designing in India?  The design is one highly creative people. Top interior designers are people who continuously produce work which inspires millions and is appreciated by a large number of people. Some of the topmost designers in the country are Pinky Pandit in Gurgaon, Kayzad Shroff and Milin Pai from Mumbai and Hamida Sharma in Hyderabad.


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