What is Fashion Design?

What is Fashion Design?

It is one of the most popular arts of the creative world. For centuries, fashion has been used by celebrities from various fields, to make an impactful statement. Fashion design is the art of playing not just with styles but fabrics, colors and trends to create apparel that reflects the times. A fashion designer is someone who has an inclination to study various types of fabrics, designs, and materials to come up with clothes that are innovative as well as unique.

Fashion design is not just limited to the designing of clothes. It includes the related area of accessories as well. When we see a celebrity wearing a designer outfit, they are also wearing jewelry and footwear to go along with it. Similarly, clutches, handbags, and eyewear also form an integral part of fashion design.

It is interesting to note that before fashion design came into existence, clothes were designed and stitched by obscure tailors who did their job according to the will of the royalty. In the nineteenth century, for the first time, Charles Frederick Worth set up his own design house in the current fashion mecca of the world, Paris. He was the first person who advised his customers on what to wear.

Fashion Design courses offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology

JD Institute is a pioneer in fashion design. The institute has a strong network across all major cities in India and also boasts of alumni that are icons in the field of fashion.

  • Diploma in Fashion Design, 1 year

If you looking to make a career out of your interest in fashion design then this course is for you. It is designed to hone not just theoretical but practical aspects of design. It also gives you relevant skills for the fashion industry. This course goes beyond formal teaching to strengthen your basics in the fashion domain. It was designed on the lines of a waterfall model wherein each phase is picked up and handled carefully and made to flow naturally into the next topic. This helps maintain the depth of learning and continuous interest of students.

The course grooms students to be proficient in Indian and international fashion trends. Students are taught the basics of clothes manufacturing along with the ability to design for men, women, and children. This course also teaches students to identify future global and Indian fashion trends and helps them understand the steps involved in establishing a fashion brand of their own.

  • Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Design, 3 years

As the name of the course itself signifies, B.Sc. in fashion and apparel design looks closely at both the creative as well as the scientific aspects of the subject. Practical classes involving the study of and experimentation with various fabrics are held regularly to make students master the art of fabric mixing. Since the tenure of the course is longer, each subject in fashion design and apparel design is taught from scratch and comprehensively. Apart from this, students are also made to learn the various aesthetic aspects involved in the field of fashion designing.

Latest trends are studied so students can pre-empt fashion trends and design accordingly. The course focuses on the basics of garment manufacturing and hones entrepreneurial skills of students to guide them in setting up their own design brand.

  • Diploma in Fashion Business Management, 1 year

This is a one-year diploma which offers guidance from scratch in terms of the business and management angles involved in the development of fashion. The course involves subjects such as product development, product sourcing, merchandising of clothes, product planning, and overall marketing training in the field of fashion. The idea behind the formulation of this course is to familiarize students with different roles that are present in the fashion domain. These include buyers, designers, manufacturers, retailers, and producers. This gives students a 360-degree view of the fashion industry where they are well-informed about the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders.

Fashion Business Management is an ideal course for students who wish to learn about the overall domain and business management practices of the fashion industry. This involves studies in visual merchandising, e-commerce, business communication, client handling, public relations, and branding.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication, 2 years

This is a two-year Masters Course in the field of fashion communication. Communication and networking are crucial to success in the field of fashion. Communication in the fashion domain also differs greatly from other fields. That’s why the course is targeted at students with a flair for communication and who would be interested in leveraging the same in the fashion industry. There is a whole new vocabulary for the fashion industry that we can train students in. There are also specific training modules that deal with business communication and product promotion. With these, the postgraduate diploma in fashion communication is perfect for anyone looking to build a career in this domain. With various Indian and international fashion channels, fashion magazines and fashion houses, fashion communication is a course that can literally take you places. Also, the booming e-commerce industry in the market is another place where the demand for experts in fashion communication is huge.

The program goes step by step and takes into account subjects like fashion journalism, visual merchandising, public relations, graphic design, fashion psychology, styling, and consumer behavior. The idea behind the course is to lend a comprehensive training to students who wish to make their career in the field of fashion communication.

  • Undergraduate diploma in Fashion & Apparel Design, 3 years

This is another full-fledged three-year course offered by JD Institute, which teaches students the basics of fashion and apparel design. The course involves understanding different fabrics, the observation, and application of fashion trends, business management, marketing and merchandising. The idea behind this course is to make available to students a comprehensive course that will take into account the A to Z of the fashion industry. The course also involves textile science and the study of latest technologies in the field of fashion.

The course aims to offer a suitable amalgamation of both the core aesthetic aspect as well as the business aspect of the fashion industry. The degree awarded on course completion is a Bachelor of Science degree. This justifies the in-depth treatment of subjects taught to students of this course. Regular interactions with prominent people of the fashion industry are a highlight of this course.

  • Diploma in Visual Merchandising, 3 Months

The field of fashion is a combination of apparel, comfort, and visual appeal. While the right fabric is what lends to the comfort and feel of apparel, the colors, the presentation and the overall display are qualities that lend visual appeal to the garment. Visual Merchandising deals with the art of display and presentation of fashion apparel and accessories. This three-month course teaches students the sales potential of the right display of apparels and accessories in showrooms, malls, hoardings, display boards and advertisements.

Various practical classes are organized to make students understand the importance of visual appeal. The right combination of colors and clothes make up a good ad, a perfect magazine cover, or an eye-catching display sign. Some of the highlights of this course are space assignment, retail space management, product grouping, window display, color, lighting, and other visual display methods.

Fashion Design Course Syllabus/Curriculum

Please visit the web page specific to the course that you wish to apply for. Detailed information on the curriculum of each course is mentioned on the respective course page.

Eligibility for Fashion Designing Courses

Eligibility Criteria for Fashion Designing courses depends upon the institute in which you wish to apply. Most institutes have a cut-off percentage of 50 in 10+2 for applications in Fashion Designing and related courses. For post-graduate courses, most institutes prefer students with a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Sometimes, colleges have separate qualifying exams which students need to pass in order to secure admission.

Scope of Fashion Designing in India

For a very long time now India has been making its mark in the domestic and the international fashion arena. With designers like Sabyasachi, Rocky S, and Rohit Bal, India regularly showcases its designer wear in almost all the international fashion shows of the world. The second industry that lends support and solid ground to the Indian fashion industry is the movie industry. With Bollywood and various other regional movie industries, movies and movie stars become one of the most regular customers of the fashion domain.

In the current scenario, with the rise of various fashion e-commerce companies like Myntra, Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart, Voonik and Limeroad, the demand for fashion professionals has increased exponentially. Also, there are various domestic fashion hubs in the country that are doing amazingly well and that is lending a commendable push to the growth of the Indian fashion industry. Then there’s also the constant patronage the industry has received from various fashion magazines and newspapers. Keeping the above-related domains in mind, the scope of fashion design in India is huge and will only get better with rampant globalization.

Also, with the opening of JD institute branches in almost all parts of the country including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kanpur, Noida and Nagpur, fashion design is no longer a career option only for students in metro cities. Now, any student who has a creative bent of mind can pursue fashion as a career at JD and rise to professional stardom.

JD Institute Fashion Design Courses Fee Structure

You can contact the customer care center to get detailed information on the fees for Fashion Design courses at the institute. The fees for any course can be paid either by demand draft drawn in favor of the institute or via cheque. Post-dated cheques are also accepted by the institute to offer enhanced payment flexibility to applicants.

The course fee structure is designed in an optimum way taking into consideration the duration and the curriculum.

Fashion Design Career Opportunities in India

Fashion Design is a rich field that involves various dimensions of both fashion and design. The courses offered by JD Institute are designed to comprehensively train students to be proficient in almost all associated fields of the fashion industry. The Indian landscape offers vast career opportunities in the field of fashion. With a population of 1 billion and growing, and with one of the biggest movie industries in the world, India has a huge demand for fashion designers. Various Indian designers are highly acclaimed in the international arena too. Also, considering the colossal size of the Indian garment industry, one can easily guess the potential that the field of fashion design holds for any aspiring designer.

Various Indian brands like Big Bazaar, Lifestyle, Allen Solly and Peter England regularly roll out collections of their own. These are designed by indigenous designers. Opening a fashion brand of one’s own is another choice which is always open to fashion design aspirants. Almost all big and small cities have domestic designer names which, even if not known internationally, deliver big on niche domestic demand.

Similarly, e-commerce companies like Myntra and Jabong have various private brands that are run by Indian designers. Hence, career opportunities in the field of fashion are immense and there is no dearth of jobs for a good fashion designer in the Indian market.

 Top 10 Fashion Designers in India

India has produced some of the finest designers of the fashion industry who are not just acclaimed for their work in the domestic landscape but have also made a powerful impact on the global fashion scene. Currently, the top 10 fashion designers of the country include names like Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, Wendell Rodricks, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Rina Dhaka, Manish Arora, Rohit Bal, Ritu Beri, Sabyasachi, and Ritu Kumar. The works of these designers feature regularly at international fashion festivals and shows. Their patrons are spread all over the world.

Many top Indian designers are JD alumni: Rocky S, Shane & Falguni, and Gaurav Chabra.

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