How to Start a Jewellery Business Online & Offline Do you want to start an imitation jewellery business? Jewellery making has become a trend today. People are making variety of jewelleries at home with their creative skills. Once can easily transform his/her jewellery making passion to business through the online and offline marketing and selling...
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Meghan Markle and the wedding dress she should wear The thing with the British Royal Family is that every event of theirs is celebrated worldwide. So, when the wedding date of Prince Harry was announced it became the hot topic among all, especially the Bride to be Meghan Markle. Her wedding dress is the major discussion...
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qualities to possess in today's world
Qualities to possess in today’s world – A session with Mr Saad Khan It was an exciting day for the JEDIIIANS on 24th January 2018, when Mr Saad Khan, who is a filmmaker, previously associate director to Mr Ashutosh Gowariker, dancer, acting teacher and a speaker visited the JD Institute of Fashion technology, Brigade Campus....
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