Trend Spotlight: Micro Bags

If we were to look at one accessories trend that defined 2018 it would undoubtedly be ‘Micro Bags’. Micro Bags are extra small compact bags which lack spaciousness but allow the wearer to narrow down and carry only essential items. Micro Bags were first seen somewhere around spring 2016 when designers showcased mini versions of handbags on the runway. These bags are not wallets, pouches or clutches instead these are the regular sized bag which has been cut down to XS size.

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Micro Bags since then saw a variety of exploration and experimentation in terms of material, shapes, designs and functionality but what remains constant throughout is the size. The bags were designed to carry around only essential items like keys, card/money and safety spray or maybe a lipstick or lip balm, depending on personal preferences and necessities. Mini bags or micro bags provide a whole lot of work for those who like to carry a tote bag around with all their 354728928 necessary things along with them and need to sort out the ‘important items’.

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For almost an era of carrying large totes and oversized bags, micro bags came as a breath of fresh air. Not only are these bags freeing, they also save you from the pain caused by shoulder straps. If you ever wanted to declutter your handbag the time is now to experiment. Start with a mini bag and then gradually compress the size down to the micro bags. Micro Bags became the it accessory after Rihanna carried the luxurious Le Sac Chiquito by French Designer Jacquemus. The bag is still has waiting list for purchase, FYI. Model siblings Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid were also spotted with Fendi bags, which prompted the high street brands like Zara and Topshop to come up with their versions.

Micro bags are not confined only to handbags instead there have been various versions of it available and paraded down the fashionable streets of Milan, Paris and London. One such popular macro trend is Waist Bag or bum bag or Fanny bag or buckle bag.  As Shakespeare would have said, what’s in a name? Call it whatever, but this embarrassing bag from millennials’ childhood is back again and is popular than ever. Fanny Bags, which were prominently reserved only as a travel accessory for tourists to carry their belongings and necessities have turned out to be one of the major trends of current seasons.

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Recently JD Institute of fashion technology concluded Milan Fashion Week and London Fashion Week were we saw street style regulars flaunting variation of bum bags. These bags can be worn in any shape or size and act as an instant elevating element in the outfit. An edgy or a trendy bag can brighten up your entire look and take it up by few notches.

The fanny bag or the belt bag got a designer makeover and was refined by Gucci to give it a sleeker and chic look. Since then accessories sector saw the wave of variation and experimentation in bum bags. With Anna Sui and Delpozo playing around with shapes and textures and chanel refining their vintage styles.

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Waist bags or bum bags were initially spotted on the streets when Kendall Jenner stepped out wearing a black vintage channel and the next thing you know all fashion and lifestyle influence and enthusiasts alike were wearing similar styles. This led designers to come up with innovative materials and fashion styles including unisex styles at Supreme and Off White. Fanny Bags are all up to the challenge of becoming the accessory.

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Bags are the most practical accessory to any outfit and when you make it fuss-free it makes for a delightful experience. The current fashion scene is the most experimental it has ever been and designers are still reviving the nineties decade into one way or the other, bum bags being one of them.  The nineties trend saw the return of chokers, mom jeans, fishnet tights and even the PVC. Fashion scene is currently catering to millennials giving them everything to bring back the gone decade in better and more experimental ways.


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