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Top Interior Design Secrets you never knew


The use of indoor plants is in no way a new concept. They have been used in interior spaces for centuries. But in 2018 –  incorporate as many plants as possible, no matter how small or large space is. Not only does this bring nature inside, it also adds a splash of green – which is also trending right now. They can be kept in corners, on countertops, suspended from the ceiling – you pick! Some of the best indoor plants would include Monstera, Areca palm, Aloe vera, money plant.

Top Interior Design Secrets you never knew


2018 is all about being fearless, and expressing that through the use of bold colours. You can make a statement in your home just by changing up the colour. Bright coloured doors are beautiful and inviting, a single bright wall as a focal point adorned with art, or antique furniture in front of it – bend the rules and experiment till you are happy with the outcome. However, start slow. Adding too much colour all at once could end up quite the disaster! If you’re unsure about what colour to go with, why not pick the Pantone colour of the year? Ultra Violet (the colour of 2018) has made an entry into many homes and commercial spaces as well.

Top Interior Design Secrets you never knew


Who said the best furniture is found in furniture stores? Have you checked the scrap yard? As crazy as it sounds, there is a lot of scope for old cupboards, bookshelves, tables, door frames and window frames. It requires a bit of work – some painting and polishing to give it a facelift, or using the sponge technique to give it an old, worn, textured look. Not only is this budget-friendly, it adds a very interesting and vintage look to space. With people becoming more aware of recycling & upcycling, reclaimed furniture is slowly gaining popularity.

Top Interior Design Secrets you never knew


Adding splashes of gold (or a metallic of your choice) gives a very sophisticated and luxurious feeling to a room. This can be done using photo frames, candle stands, planters, mirrors, hardware, fixtures like door knobs & finials, lampshades – the list is endless!

Top Interior Design Secrets you never knew


One of the easiest ways to add ambience to a room – a few lamps here, a chandelier there and voila! An instant facelift! Even if one does not want to splurge on a chandelier, just think outside the box. You can easily make your own, by recycling materials.

Top Interior Design Secrets you never knew


The best part about slate – it looks better with age. It can take a lot of football, but one must be careful while dragging furniture over it as it can chip easily. It is becoming more and more popular, especially with people who love black floors but want something a little less intense.

Top Interior Design Secrets you never knew


Green buildings are getting more recognition, little changes in choices of building materials go a long way in helping the environment.

Top Interior Design Secrets you never knew


A lot of bars and pubs are using Edison bulbs off late, and if you observe, all of these places are doing exceptionally well. People are drawn to the ambience they provide – warm, moody and sufficiently bright – a very simple way to make a space look relaxing, ambient and chill.

Top Interior Design Secrets you never knew

This article is written by – Sabrina Lobo, a student of JD Institute of fashion technology from the department of interior designing.

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