These 5 Tips to Train Your Minds to be Creative

These 5 Tips to Train Your Minds to be Creative

Creativity Never Goes Out Of Style. Not when you are a part of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, where there is always room for creativity with their design courses.

Yes, you read it right. Being creative is a practice you need to imbibe in your routine. It is a skill that has to be learned, practiced, and developed. We have a misconception that creativity is a born gift, but we just need to be aware and know what lies outside the box.

In today’s world there is no place for the mundane or banal, and you need to think out of the box and be different to achieve success.

You can start with these simple brain training tips:

Become a positive person

Surely, our mind tends to think negative first and focus on it more than the positive side. But we have to train our minds to think positively in every situation, be it good or bad. There are many idols you can follow and listen to when it comes to spreading positivity.

Muniba Mazari, a Pakistani motivational speaker had a bad car accident due to which she is always on the wheel chair. She inspires us on how to not give up on life no matter what happens in her TEDx talks.

These 5 Tips to Train Your Minds to be Creative


Start Doodling

Some people think that doodling on a piece of paper is a waste of time, but it is a very creative endeavour. Doodling helps you to stay engaged and concentrate on activities that you otherwise feel are boring and mind drifting.

These 5 Tips to Train Your Minds to be Creative


Do the 30 circles test

Featured in Tim Brown’s Ted Talk, this creative exercise comes from researcher Bob Mckim.

The test requires you to draw thirty circles on a piece of paper within one minute and modify those circles into objects you see around or inside your creative mind i.e. sun, globe, earth etc, focusing on quantity over quality.

These 5 Tips to Train Your Minds to be Creative


Be Thirsty for Knowledge

The life long thirst for knowledge boosts your creative powers. Feeding your mind with ideas to expand your thinking is the best way to cultivate creativity. Be open to new concepts, approaches, and processes, and question everything. Know everything in this world has a logical reason behind it, even your existence. So, make the most to learn new things and implement them on a daily basis.

These 5 Tips to Train Your Minds to be Creative



These five steps will help you boost your creative knowledge and attain your goals and motives. Remember, there is no real age for learning new things. Creativity can be learned. You just need to start implementing these steps in your life to achieve your creative goals. Start them with the Design Courses from JD Institute of Fashion Technology and unleash the creativity within.



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