The Scope of Interior designing in Today’s World

The Scope of Interior designing in today’s world is much more competitive than it was years ago, to make a career in Interior designing it’s important to have an early exposure in the industry by means of education as well as practical knowledge. Interior design is an artful science which can enhance the aesthetics, functionality and create healthier living environments for the clients/end users. An Interior designer is equipped with an education, degree and practical experience to plan, coordinate, design and execute projects. The professional scope of an interior designer is huge in India and backed with a flair for innovative thinking and designing one can reach a pinnacle in this field.


The Scope of Interior designing in Today's World the scope of interior designing - The Scope of Interior designing in Todays World - The Scope of Interior designing in Today’s World


The design is a process. It can be rightfully said as an Interactive thought process between the client and the designer. The design solution to a single problem is many and a very creative and out of the box thinking method can set a designer apart from the others. This new thought process would be a change, a new direction, when presented in a different perspective to the client, can create innovative and thought-provoking ideas into practical beautiful spaces for the end user or the client. The various Design software’s available such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3D modelling can help the designer put the vision and ideas from his head into virtual creations and present the same to clients. The interior designer needs to constantly research and read and keep track of the newest materials etc. in the market. So now we can sum up that an interior designer needs to be Artistic, Analytical, People oriented and Business oriented.


Artistic because creativity is the core of interior designing. No two designs provided by an interior designer can be the same. Every design should be unique and reflect the personality of the client. Interior designers cannot follow any particular trends as each client’s needs and tastes would be different. Analytical skills come into to play from the initial client meeting. The interior designer has to analyze the scope and time limit of every project. He needs to create budgets and analyze the workforce required at the said time. An interior designer also needs to know how to read blueprints, building codes, he does the role of a project manager too. An Interior designer has to be people oriented. He should be able to work under pressure with difficult people and analyze design ideas from client meetings. He needs to be an excellent team player and work in collaboration with the contractor, carpenter and various other vendors. An Interior designer needs to be Business oriented, as he needs to bring in profit for every project. He needs to have good communication skills and need to be able to read and understand a contract. An Interior designer is a mix of all of the above.


The Scope of Interior designing in Today's World the scope of interior designing - The Scope of Interior designing in Todays World1 - The Scope of Interior designing in Today’s World


An Interior designer has to be aware of his area of interest in Interior designing. He can work on long-term or short-term projects, in the field of hospitality, residential, commercial, healthcare etc. Which means if he gets bored with one part he can easily move. With experience and in time a designer will know all areas of interior designing. Equipped with education and a degree a designer can work as Interior & spatial designer, Exhibition Designer, production or set designers, VM-Visual merchandiser, Industrial Design, Apparel & lifestyle design, Retail designer, Accessory design, Universal design, Human factors design, Sustainable and craft design, Color Consultants etc.

Higher education is also an option for interior designers in the field of Product Design, graphic design etc.

With the forecast of India’s construction industry set to expand in the period from 2016-2020, with a tremendous investment in residential projects too along with other sectors, there is continuous growth forecasted. The construction industry is supported by the government plans for urban India. (Source: Report Buyer). So, there will be job opportunities created for people in the construction industry and an interior designer need to collaborate with Architect, Furniture designers, graphic designers, product designers, textile designers, promoters etc.


The Scope of Interior designing in Today's World the scope of interior designing - The Scope of Interior designing in Todays World2 - The Scope of Interior designing in Today’s World


An Interior designer can work in an architectural firm or a construction company, Interior designing company, Exhibition centres, Event management companies, Design consultancies, Retailers, Theatre, tv and film, Photography, Teaching and Design journalism. The career scope of interior designing in India looks extremely promising, but the trick lies in the right Interior design school and practical exposure. A budding designer can be trained to think differently and thereby contribute to the welfare of the society. We at JD Institute, emphasize on out of the box thinking for the JEDIIIANS and provide maximum exposure to market by working on live projects, industry visits, exposing students to talks of market experts, workshops which gives the students confidence about what is expected of them as interior designers in the practical construction field. Today the world is looking for people with extraordinary skills in any area but to achieve that it’s important to choose the right school which has the right interior design course details and curriculum to nurture you with the right skills and experience required for the Interior Design Industry.


by Julie (HOD – Interior Design Department)

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