The Fashion Power House Anna Wintour and her top 10 rules

The Fashion Power House Anna Wintour and her top 10 rules

Anna Wintour, creative director of Vogue, she decides the fashion and the brands just nods to it. Apart from having knowledge and skills in fashion, she believes in the below rules to have a long successful career.

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The Fashion Power House Anna WintourPic: Getty Image- First issue after Anna became the editor in chief

Survival and success go hand in hand, one should know the key elements to find success. Dame Anna Wintour took in charge of Vogue in the year 1988, as editor in chief and today she is the Artistic Director to Conde Nast, she brought in the modernity and freshness to the magazine. She is widely regarded as one of the most influential people in the fashion Industry. She decides the trends and the designers follow that. It’s said her nod is the final approval for designers, in short, the fashion week is done just to get her validity. The fashion editor, who was once fired from Harper’s bazaar lists down the 10 rules for a successful career.

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It’s important to be decisive, it can be wrong or right but its required to have a solution. She states sometimes she may not have the knowledge but being a leader it’s important to understand give a decision.

The Fashion Power House Anna WintourPic: Vogue, An issue of Kanye West and Kim in Vogue cover, a decision she took and went by her instincts.

Don’t Highly specialize

Versatility is something everyone should specialize, being a jack of all trades is something she believes in. Its required to have the right amount of knowledge in each department so it helps to run the business better and also contributes to the decision making.

Acknowledging Failure

Failure is something to embrace to work extra, there may be times you may be ignored, your ideas will be rejected and even fired. The important thing is to stay strong and move on, never lose the courage to achieve your aim and believe in yourself.

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Always Quality

This line is even our favourite. Always strive for quality and never settle for mediocrity. When you do something just make sure it sees the best results and never settle for anything less.

Be true to yourself

Understanding what you need in life makes our journey simpler, it could be bit challenging but satisfying. Anything you do always do it for yourself and be true to it.

Always do your best

Put your heart and soul in your job, you may not get the expected results but it’s important to do it with the right spirit with the best possible efforts.

Experience new things

Open your ears to understand things which you don’t know, it can be of technology, social media, SEO or something new in the market. Its ok to say I don’t know or I don’t understand but it makes a difference when we take an effort to understand it.

Understanding business

Having a sense of trade is very important, it’s important to have pretty looking business but also the monetary factory plays an important role. Income plays a major role than expense and your market research is the key element.

Enjoy your work

Always enjoy your work, it’s something you need to do with passion and happiness. Never do it just because you are paid to do so. Once you start enjoying your work everything falls in place.

The Fashion Power House Anna WintourPicture Courtesy – Vagabomb

Be a good leader

A leader is someone who is looked up to, a good leader is someone who is capable of taking accountability, responsibility and leading a pack. It’s very important to have your leader instincts on and develop it, it can be inborn or something which becomes your trait through experience.

The Fashion Power House Anna WintourPicture Courtesy – Vagabomb

The Fashion Power House Anna WintourPic: Google – Meryl Streep as Anna Wintour in the movie “The Devil Wears the prada”

Anna Wintour top 10 rules for a successful career sure may work at the right time and occasions but the above comes from her 5 decades of experience. The 2006 movie “the Devil wears the Prada had Meryl Streep portraying Anna Wintour and world knows her through that movie. Everyone in the fashion circle knows that Anna Wintour also has known Nuclear Wintour is the last word in the Fashion Industry and there is no one else who is more influential than her in the Fashion world.

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