The Art of Visual Merchandising during Christmas

Visual merchandising refers to anything that can be seen by the customer inside and outside a store, including displays, decorations, signs and layout of space. The overall process of visual merchandising involves a person to spend money, in return making the customer brand loyal.

The Art of Visual Merchandising during Christmas

In today’s world visual merchandising plays a major role in keeping the brand image well in the eyes of the consumer. Visual merchandising also plays a vital role in the look, feel and culture of the brand. Strong visual merchandising creates awareness and also simultaneously increases the profits. Visual display of a store grabs the attention of the customer, therefore increasing brand experience and repurchasing power of the consumer.

The Art of Visual Merchandising during ChristmasThe Art of Visual Merchandising during ChristmasThe Art of Visual Merchandising during Christmas


The visual merchandising game gets strong during all the four seasons, but an extra glamour is seen during December, its seen as one of the most colourful and lit months in the whole year. The competition for the best window displays begins in December. Almost every window display has a story to tell. Brands these days believe in showing magic through their window display, connecting the shoppers on an emotional level. All the attention on the window display is given to craft and art. Large format printing is used as shooters to tell the story or theme during Christmas as they catch immediate attention of the public.

Brands these days choose to keep the message simple yet inviting, leaving enough breathing space to create excitement for the consumer to check out the store. Allen Solly and forever 21 went all out this Christmas season by using 3D like the effect that adds a touch of the tale to the window display. On the other hand, Zara, a world-famous clothing brand has taken in the LED light sculpture, the usage of lights just show the special time of the year in a contemporary and fresh style.

Overall the best month of the year to look for the best decorations in town is Christmas. Most versatile window displays can be seen. Decorating the interiors and exteriors of the mall gives an added value to the celebration. Stars, moons and snowflakes dominate all the other props that are used for decoration. One must visit the mall during this season to witness the beautiful decorations in town.

The Art of Visual Merchandising during christmas5

The Art of Visual Merchandising during christmas5


One of the highlights of JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the number of activities that students go through, especially for the Visual Merchandising course, Bangalore, India. The JEDIIIANS are nurtured with the right amount of outside classroom activities, giving them the required experience and guidance to develop their career in Visual Merchandising. Christmas is a feeling, it’s feeling of happiness, joy, care and share, it’s the time, Store Managers and shop staff along with the visual merchandising stuff does the most creative, extraordinary arrangement to give the much-required Christmas vibe. Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.


by Preksha M Jain – VM 2017

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