The students and faculty members of JD Institute of Fashion Technology actively participated in four different workshops organized at Tharangini. The workshops were in sync with the emerging and contemporary trends that are omnipresent in the industry. The students got an opportunity to attain supplementary exposure to understand the infusion of traditional and modern techniques which will be beneficial for their future endeavors.

Block Printing Workshop

At Tharangini, the first workshop conducted was blocking printing. The blocks were made out of wood. The digital designs are carved into wooden blocks by talented craftsmen to save the diminishing art-form and to save decreasing number of block printers. Tharangini has taken the initiative to nurture this design form. They cater to a wide variety of customers globally. Our students were given the opportunity to practice the art along with the artisans. They explored various print combination techniques by different size block combinations.

Shibori Technique

The shibori workshop conducted by Namrata Shah commenced with students being provided with a white swatch sample and they were asked to explore the tying along with the tutor to discover the different possibilities. Shibori Technique always has a surprise element in the end as the design unfolds once the tying is opened then The students were thrilled to open their samples after dying and were satisfied to see their own handmade designs. They had a wonderful experience imbibing the shibori technique.

Button Masala 

Anuj Sharma, the man behind the innovation of turning a raw piece of cloth into a wearable garment by using few buttons/ sequins with the help of rubber bands was a source of inspiration to the students. The insightful ideas shared by Anuj made the students understand how any simple idea can trigger a revolution on its own. This method of using buttons to add variations to any design is not just sustainable but innovative as well. The students got a first-hand experience in experimenting with different patterns based on the fabric and buttons provided to them.

The Jewelry Project

Deepti Sudhindra is the mastermind behind the foundation of Neo-Indian and Contemporary Ornamentation created by The Jewelry Project. The session involved a detailed discussion on the multiples facets of the design industry and how it is essential to understand the manufacturing aspect to explain the design intricacies to the kaarigars. Keeping the rich culture of India as her muse, Deepti is known for the creation of intrinsic Indian jewelry craft with a global aesthetic. The jewels are moving installations, inspired by varied Indian themes and ideologies, creating a new grammar of ornament that adheres to a philosophy of sustainable and social impact. Working close to nature, she embraces the simplicity and organic way of life.



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