Teen trends 2018 – An exciting year in Teen Fashion

Akshata and Sreekanth Nair from Postgraduate in Fashion Communications course, JD Institute of Fashion technology forecast the trends which are in for teens for the year 2018.


Teen trends 2018


Just as the metaphor of the phases teenagers go through, the fashion and more personally their style drastically evolve. The teen trends 2018 is going to be exciting, as there is a huge scope of contrasting trends, the revival of 70’s and 80’s silhouettes and prints, an interesting and playful array of loud, dark and soft colours. Athleisure, new-age surrealism, Pop & Bling, Prepare some of the trends which will be seen acing high this year.


The Mismatched Jeans

Playing with different hues of denim is going to be a huge trend throughout the year; be it denim patchwork of denim and chambray or panelling of denim or layering of it. Distressed, embroidered and faded denim is also going to keep finding places in the youngster’s closets.

Image Courtesy: Seventeen.com, Polyvore.com


The Bigger the better sleeves

Elaborate sleeves are keepers at least for this year too, as they were ranging high the previous year. They effortlessly succeed in turning heads, of course in a good way. They could be either experimental by choosing puff sleeves in block shades or settle for the classy and elegant bell sleeves with minimal detailing to raise the style quotient by a notch.

The Bigger the better sleeves
Image Courtesy: The fashiontag.com


Pep up with toned down neons

Neons this time are back in their subtler version; they are no longer the brand ambassadors for Cray looks! Rather layering up with a muted version of neon with neutral shades of tops and bottoms would give a balanced and put-together yet edgy & fun look. When in doubt with playing with neons, layering is a more practical option.

Image Courtesy: Seventeen.com, Goodlifeforless /blogspot.com, Northernstyleexposure.com


Modern prep

Preppy looks are perfect for college goers and schools goers alike. Play with the plaids and block neutrals for a polished- cute look. Minimally printed sweaters, plaid skirts & shirts, glasses, round-brimmed hats & oxfords being the key pieces could be mixed and matched with rompers, blazers and satchel bags for a modern touch.

Image Courtesy: Seventeen.com, pennypincherfashion.com, viva.co.nz


Girly pop

The 50’s Pop trend is back this season with a sporty and relaxed twist to it. A graphic t is a perfect match for a sporty skirt to define this trend. It’s all about the prints! Pop represents the phase of teens perfectly loud and random, sweet and colourful. Dressing up is fun pop makes it literal!

Image Courtesy: Seventeen.com, curli2007.blogspot.in


Gitter free glitters

Glittery isn’t only for evenings this season like almost everything, even this is breaking the stereotypes! Slip on a tank top on the pretty shiny things or layers them with sheer numbers go classy or go casual.

Image Courtesy: Seventeen.com, Pinterest.com/meshglittrtops


Laced up neutrals

Bringing on the early 90’s trend are these lace-tie ups; which are getting the spotlight lately. The criss-cross ties up spices up the rather plain/basic looking outfits. It wouldn’t be wrong to say these are the new staple pieces for few seasons to come.

Image Courtesy: Seventeen.com, missguided.co.uk



Every summer we are looking forward to wearing white clothes as well as multicoloured patterns. Teen boys are expected to wear white jeans which are very popular and modern besides they are considered to be very contemporary. The advantage of these jeans is that they are thinner and curter, moreover, they go completely with every type of combination, no matter flashy or stylish manner. Soon white pants will grow into a type of clothes that you will prefer mostly.

Image Courtesy: Dresstrends.com/teenfashion2018


Retro look

Retro is experienced and graceful. While having business appointments and meetings most men do prefer wearing suits. While this is a go-to option for the men, it is going to be a top trend for teens this year. It is a perfect choice to sport a geeky or a preppy retro look at college or high school events.

Image Courtesy: Dresstrends.com/teenfashion2018


The short trend

All year long we are looking forward to summer, holidays and warm weather. In summer one thing that is always at the centre of our attention is clothing. Radiant and shiny tints and patterns are just what we are seeking for. It’s a great joy to enjoy 2018 summer collation.

This summer is going to be different from the previous ones. Now we can see many colour and style combinations: classic style mixed with every day one. Daring looks are also common and it should be noted that they will make your guise wonderful. Let’s match classic t-shirts with snazzy shorts.

Image Courtesy: Dresstrends.com/teenfashion2018



The smart casual mode can be met everywhere. This is an extraordinary blend of classic and casual clothes and the equilibration will be maintained with the help of adornments. Leather shoes, blouses, classic costumes will be perfect men clothing, especially during outdoor events.

Image Courtesy: Dresstrends.com/teenfashion2018



Regardless the fact whether you do training or not sporty is the mode that you will like. They are so much comfortable and can be worn for all types of occasions. Shiny tints with patterns will be fashionable and trendy this summer.

Image Courtesy: Dresstrends.com/teenfashion2018

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