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Talk Session with an industry expert for Interior Design Department

Talk Session with an industry expert for Interior Design Department

Landscape architecture is an integral module of the Interior Design curriculum. To give the students an overview and industrial insight, we invited Principal Landscape Architect – Aditi Pai Heranjal, from ‘The Purple Ink Studio’. Aditi is the Co-Founder and heads the Landscape + Sustainability division at ‘The Purple Ink Studio’. She works on various environmental design projects involving landscape design and sustainability.

The talk session was based on how landscapes are getting constricted within the concrete jungle and becoming mere pockets within the community spaces. She also discussed how landscape at work places have not only improved air quality but improved and increased productivity of the employees as well. There are different kinds of landscapes that can be practiced in smaller spaces such as Balcony gardens, Vertical gardens and Square foot gardens. Using liquid soil is a new technique that reduces wastage of water and is widely used in landscape architecture along with the hydroponic system. It was an interactive session as the students showed keen interest in understanding the elements of landscape architecture and involved themselves in a Q&A session later.

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