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Talk Session by Ms. Mita from CORR BEAUTY

Talk Session by Ms. Mita from CORR BEAUTY

JD Institute of Fashion Technology leaves no stones unturned in recognizing and acknowledging creative people from the industry. We, being the best college for designing in India, invite people from the Design Industry to address our students on a regular basis. One such session occurred at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore. Ms.Mita was invited to share her inputs on sustainable, ethical and innovative approach adopted by her in her products. She is a pioneer in creating products out of corrugated cardboard. CORR BEAUTY was founded by Mita, who set out to explore the beauty of corrugated cardboard. Mita is an interior designer and she loves to design and create unique products to complement the interiors. After a while she started thinking about developing her unique line of home décor products. She decided to use corrugated cardboard – a material she has worked with in its various forms. Mita knows the potential of the material and she knew that with this material there was scope to explore.While most people see cardboard as a material used to lend strength or used for protection, Mita uses the material’s corrugation to create products with intricate layers and surfaces. Her handcrafted products include lamps, decorative bowls, decorative boxes and decorative plates. The lamps, fashioned using her signature technique, create a dazzling play of lights and shadows, instantly transforming a corner of a room into a conversation starter.

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