Talk and workshop on Jewellery Design Process and Conceptualization

They “say open your eyes and see around, because you don’t know when inspiration strikes you”. The Jewellery Design course of JD Institute of Fashion Technology makes sure that the student gets an industry expert view apart from the classroom training they get from the class. On 15th February 2018, Ms. Meghna Bag Dass an entrepreneur, jewellery design consultant and owner of MBD Creations did a workshop on Jewellery Design Process and Conceptualization sharing her 10 years of experience in Jewellery knowledge with our JEDIIIANS.

Meghana started the session by throwing some light on the significance of creativity and inspiration where she explained the importance of getting a design thought from your surroundings. Not just getting inspired, it’s also important to understand the feasibility and execution of the design. She also explained about design process where your design gets refined and the product is ready to get executed. For any designs, there are trends which need to be followed from the company point of view to customer point of views and current trends.




After the explanation of the design process, the students of the fine jewellery course were given an activity to see if they understood the points by doing a jewellery with the invisible setting. The session continued with the next area of discussion which was conceptualization where the points covered were observed, absorb, evolve and execute. She explained the need of SCAMPER and why it is used to redefine and polish your idea and finalize your design. The students were given an activity whey they need to use SCAMPER for a Jewellery piece from a cube inspiration. The activity helps the student to think a little deeper and finalize the designs.




Ms Meghana stated that the “It was a different experience with the JD students where even she was able something to learn. She also said the students were eager to learn and understand the design process. She will be happy to come back and share her experience with such an interactive audience”.

The students of diploma in Jewellery course had a very informative session and training understanding from jewellery industry perspective. It is always important that a jewellery aspirant keeps a tab on what is happening in the industry, so it makes things easier, giving them a detailed knowledge. JD Institute always makes sure that the students are exposed to industry experts and workshops on a monthly basis, preparing them to lead the Industry.





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