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SYED SHOUKATH – B.Sc. VI Sem -2015-16

SYED SHOUKATH – B.Sc. VI Sem -2015-16

SYED SHOUKATHI have been given the opportunity to work on good and distinguished projects. I have worked on 6 residential projects and 5 commercial projects. I have also been associated with Prestige Group, SS Interiors and Fab Interiors for commercial and residential purposes. During my course, here at JD Institute, I have done my internship at DIDAC 2015-16. And also, got positive feedback and appreciation for my retail design during the JD Annual Design Award. And got a job offer from Ar. Abhishek who offered me to work for him after completion of my course. This has been amazing experience so far and much appreciated.

Residential projects:

  • Designed the façade for residence at Miller road. (within the timeline 7 days)
  • Interiors of a space of 800sq.ft at Koramangala, which include designing the living room, kitchen and dining room. (within the timeline of 15 days)
  • Designed the façade and a plan of a 2400sq.ft duplex house at Rajajinagar.
  • Executed wall panelling and door fitting works at Prestige Edwardian and Prestige Hermitage.
  • Designed the front façade of a building at Lavelle road. (Proposal for JAD company)
  • Executed modular kitchen fittings for 240sq.ft kitchen of a residence at Prestige Edwardian, Edward road. (within the timeline of 10 days)

Commercial projects:

  • Designed an interior office space of 750sq.ft for Lassi shop in Mysore (within the timeline of 10 days)
  • Proposed complete detail plan for 3200sq.ft office space at Millers road. (within the timeline of 8 days)
  • Proposed interior design and other detail design for Crumbles cafe with space of 200sq.ft (within the timeline of 3 days)
  • Design and executed interior space of 140sq.ft for jewellery store at Mac hotel, Old road.
  • Executed a lobby space while working for Prestige Group.

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