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Success Story of Monalisa – Batch – June 2016 -Department of Fashion Design

Success Story of Monalisa – Batch – June 2016 -Department of Fashion Design

JD Institute of Fashion Technology is deeply rooted in the country’s legacy and culture and is synonymous to creativity in all spectrums. We aspire and inspire our designers to become the ‘Citizen of Imagination’ by understanding their needs and transforming that into a conglomeration of innovation and practicality. JD Institute comprises of a pool of talent. As mentors, the faculties provide the designers with coveted opportunities to showcase their artistic skills. Such is the story of Monalisa, a competent and creative designer who displayed the aesthetics and nuances of Fabric Manipulation and Ornamentation Module, with an opulent flair for creativity.

Note from the Student :

India is blessed with a vast variety of cultures, customs and religions. One of the greatest treasures of the country is its art and crafts, admired by the entire world. One such craft is the Indian embroidery  a diverse yet distinct testimony of our rich cultural heritage.

Indian Embroidery from every region has a flavour of its own. Be it Phulkari work of Punjab or the intricate story telling of Kantha, West Bengal, every different embroidery has a story to be told out for its unique style of stitches and use of fabrics and colours.

I have always been influenced by this rich heritage and unique crafts of various parts of India. My goal is to revive the dying art and crafts through my work.

At JD, I have learned more interesting embroidery work like Karnataka’s very own kasuti or smocking which I can use as fabric manipulation to enhance the beauty of the garment. I am thankful to the institute for guiding me through every step of my work.


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