Statement Earrings a must for all fashionistas

The word statement jewellery is a mixture of two words, one which means expressing anything, and other which can be split as  jewel+gallery; from this, we understand it is a combination of jewels and is completed with different types of materials.


Statement earrings are not bound to be bright, colourful or oversized it just has to be bold and unique. It has the power to grab attention and make it look more appealing.


They are very flexible; helps in making us feel confident. They can be worn as a single earing or together and there is a wide variety which includes metal ones, to cool fabric tassel earrings. It gives us amazing option to choose from according to your shape and requirement


It is the perfect accessory to pair up with a shirt, suit or t-shirt. It is also perfect for a day or evening, in fact, they are probably your most versatile accessory right now.


As we already know bigger is definitely better. Not since the 80’s we had such loud ear accruements been so prevalent Statement earrings can create a sense of personality for someone who dresses simply. It is no longer just costume jewellery that veers towards bold statements but the most traditional offine jewels too. The style is bigger, brighter, flashier and more sculptural than ever, and some of them even extend way below the shoulder. They could be architectural sculpture in mismatched colors, size and stone made off ringed shoulder grazing chainmail, singular hammered-gold Matisse shapes, ornate hoops of baroque proportion

Statement earrings are in the midst of a major come back but think sculptural styles and solo danglers rather than the glitzy chandeliers of seasons past


Statement Earrings statement earrings - 3 - Statement Earrings a must for all fashionistas


If you want to go a step, wear one earring at a time. These earrings have plenty of them-tassels, hoops, gemstones, and they’re oversized. You’re confident enough to wear these from day tonight, with sweat pants or a gown, and everything in between. For an uber fashion-forward look. If you’re just finding out about that trend then it’s too late


Statement Earrings statement earrings - 4 - Statement Earrings a must for all fashionistas


You realy don’t feel complete without a string of pearls. For a more modern day take on your signature style, though, try out these pearl drop earrings. They’l keep you feeling prim and proper but addjust enough funks for you to handle.


Statement Earrings statement earrings - 5 - Statement Earrings a must for all fashionistas



If you’ve been keeping up, you know that a symmetrical/solo earrings are also in right now, and I think you’re bold enough to give it ago. Put a smal stud earring in your other ear and sweep your hair to the side to show off this sculptural beauty.


Statement Earrings statement earrings - 6 - Statement Earrings a must for all fashionistas


Statement Earrings statement earrings - 7 - Statement Earrings a must for all fashionistas



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