Silver Filigree Craft Exploration – Jewellery Design Department

The students of JD International Design School, Jewellery Design Department were accompanied by their HOD – Ms. Surbhi Gupta to Karimnagar to explore and discover the intricacies of the rich Silver Filigree craft. Arroju Ashok was the person of interest who not just revived the dying art of filigree but conserved it by interacting with his fellow artisans to bring in the awareness to create a sustainable craft cluster. The students paid a trip to his work-station to understand the procedure that goes into this skilled and specialized craftsmanship. Students got the opportunity to enlighten themselves on the intensive work that is adapted for this craft. They also visited his store to discover the wide array of his innovative products.

Karimnagar is a district in Central Telangana State, once known for the rich Silver Filigree craft. Arroju Ashok was one such man who had trust in the craft and had full faith in his destiny as a Filigree artisan. Arroju mastered the Silver Filigree craft for over two decades. He has acquired traditional skill and mastery in Silver filigree craft under his guru Shri. Nampally Anjaneyulu. Apart from producing regular decorative and deity pieces, he explored in the art of making 3D products. Over time, he mastered his ability and created innovative products through his art. About three decades ago, Filigree had almost died in Karimnagar. It was in 2008, Arroju was strongly determined to revive the art and bring changes in lives of the artisans. Today, the total of 250 artisans are practicing the craft in the district of Karimnagar. Arroju’s dream of bringing back glory to the dying art resulted in the formation of SIFKA: Silver Filigree of Karimnagar Welfare Society. He has been successful in achieving his vision to keep the art alive by imparting training on the craft to the younger generation.




Silver Filigree Craft Exploration – Jewellery Design Department…!


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