Seminar on Green Interiors

“The green concepts and techniques in the building sector can help address national concerns like water efficiency, energy efficiency, reduction in fossil fuel use, handling of consumer waste and conserving natural resources” – Indian Green Building Council

JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Cochin, organized a seminar on “Green Interiors” for the students of Interior Designing. The seminar was conducted by Ms. Deepa Ganesh, Green Building Consultant, GTCS, Kochi.

GTCS is a design expertise provider to the building industry. Their expertise has been proven in the fields of:

  • Green Building Certification Facilitation
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Preparation of Project Reports
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Architectural and Interior Designs
  • Project management and Supervision
  • MEP, Water Supply and Sanitation Design and Coordination Services
  • Water and Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Hot Water and Steam Generation Systems

The primary purpose of the seminar was to educate the students about sustainable and ethical practices in interior designing. Green Interior is about having good air quality both indoors and outdoors, making the environments healthier and more comfortable and conserving all of our natural resources.

The motive of encouraging Green Interior Designing is to minimize the resources involved in construction. It lays emphasis on adopting eco-friendly materials which will not only benefit the environment but the overall health.

Ms. Ganesh also spoke about three primary rating systems in India –
GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) which evaluates the all-rounded performance of a building corresponding to the environment.

 IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) evaluates compulsory requirements and credit points using a prescriptive approach on a performance-based approach. The rating system is based on accepted energy and environmental principles.

BEE (The Bureau of Energy Efficiency) develops programs which will increase the conservation and energy efficiency in India. In January 2010, the government of India had made it mandatory for certain appliances to have BEE ratings.  The primary objective would be to reduce energy intensity.

Seminar on Green Interiors seminar on green interiors - Green interiors 2 - Seminar on Green Interiors

Seminar on Green Interiors seminar on green interiors - Green interiors 1 - Seminar on Green Interiors

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