RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone

Fashion has become extremely important among children. Gone are the days when parents kept their kids away from the world of fashion and made them wear simple clothes on their activists. These days parents encourage their children to follow the latest looks and styles. They buy trendy clothes and accessories for their children to make them look smart and presentable. Children/teenagers of this generation put on expensive and fascinating clothes of the latest cut, colour, and design. With the advancement of fashion among kids, Polo never goes wrong. Yes, there is a destination with polo where one can find smart collection under one roof for both girls and boys.


RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone ralph lauran - RALPH LAURAN1 - RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone


Defined by its preppy, equestrian style, Ralph Lauren has been the epitome of an all- American aesthetic since 1967. One will find a dedication to traditional fabrics and construction techniques permeating every collection. A faithful homage to the mainline, Ralph Lauren’s kids wear is brimming with timeless classics from embroidered polo shirts to cable knits and colourful contemporary staples.


RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone ralph lauran - RALPH LAURAN4 - RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone


This season polo has come up with a cool range of winter collection confirming the quality of wool and fur which keeps the look upright and the sense of being comfortable. The collection also features good heavy metallic trims and high fabrics too. Their collection is designed to reflect the timeless heritage and modern spirit of Ralph Lauren’s men and women collections. It is subdivided into Boys (sizes 2-7 and 8-20), Girls (2-6X and 7-16), Big Kid, Little Kid and infants. Polo Ralph Lauren offers a variety of clothing from t-shirts and dresses to overalls and loafers.


RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone ralph lauran - RALPH LAURAN2 - RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone
RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone ralph lauran - RALPH LAURAN3 - RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone


Making each moment special, Polo Ralph Lauren children’s wear offers a collection of fresh yet timeless kids’ clothes and accessories derived from the brand’s signature style. This fall, Polo is all about getting back to school essentials talking about heritage, quality and tons of fun. Taking style cues from mainline looks, the young boys can pick from sporty polo shirts, preppy chinos, and Oxford button-downs, while the girls will love shirt dresses, floral and pint-sized polo shirts. Easy to care for, the clothes are perfect for play.

Noting back to what the brand believes in, a Polo Boy can opt for an urban and downtown vibe whereas a laid-back girl, can up her game with edgy pieces and standout looks.


RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone ralph lauran - RALPH LAURAN - RALPH LAURAN: Kids polo zone


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