Quintessential Doyenne – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017

Collection Name: Quintessential Doyenne
Students Names: Rebecca A John, Nikhita Pillai, Neethu Krishna V R

Quintessential Doyenne is an exquisite and exclusive collection designed for a woman who is elegant, strong and opinionated. It is a perfect mix of urbane and distinguished. Inspired by Persian Architecture, the collection is a fusion of old traditions and culture by the usage of embroidery and cut work. The collection is completely sustainable and made organically by using khadi silk, tussar silk and organza to provide the translucency factor. Embroidery is done on raw silk which has motifs and geometric patterns inspired from the Pink Mosque. The color story of the collection is inspired from the walls of the mosque which has a beige tone with lots of multicolor artistic works on it along with stained glasswork. These works will be conveyed in the collection in the forms of multicolor embroidery and glasswork. The silhouette is geometric, structured and engineered since the inspiration is architecture based. The basic khadi texture is coarse but since there is a mix of silk in it, the texture becomes smoother with more sheen and richness, also is highly versatile and durable. The making of khadi is eco-friendly and since it does not rely on electricity there is no harmful toxic waste generated and hence reduces carbon footprint. The collection has attempted to promote handloom weavers through the usage of khadi and to reduce the impact of fast fashion on the environment.

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Quintessential Doyenne – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017…!

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