Pop Piplee – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017

Collection Name: Pop Piplee
Students Names: Asheera N.M, Sarannya S Nair, Soumya H, Eugin George

Pop Piplee is an eccentric and vibrant collection inspired by street art and importance of women empowerment. The collection name is synonymous to appliqué work which incorporates graffiti into knitted wear.  Prioritizing the concept of sustainable fashion, the designers have up-cycled appliqué materials that are made out of recycled denim, up-cycled fabric from the umbrella and quirky prints from T-shirts. Denim and knitted wear are used as primary fabrics. The colour story is essentially the complete spectrum of known colours, along with using the Holi festival, galaxies and graffiti-inspired from street art; as primary design themes for the collection. The colours and insignia for the design theme have been achieved using the tie and dye method and fabric paints, alongside the appliqué work. The secondary design themes that influenced the collection to a lesser extent include; women empowerment slogans and artistic work. The collection has a completely outlandish appeal and is ideal for the millennial women.



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Pop Piplee – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017…!

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